Co-Op Employment Opportunity with the Village of Howard, WI

The Village of Howard is interviewing for Summer 2022 Internships, and for Summer/Fall 2022 Co-Ops which are seasonal positions. Interviews in the Green Bay area or via virtual meeting are currently available.

Requirements include:
• Civil Engineering, Civil Engineering Tech, Civil/Survey Major, or other related field of study.
• 2.5 GPA or above
• Student Visa, Permanent Visa, or U.S. Citizen,
• Freshman Class Level or higher, and/or Graduate Engineer.

The Village of Howard, approximate population of approximately 20,000, located in the Green Bay, Wisconsin area, is seeking hard working students looking to further their engineering experiences and knowledge through firsthand experience. Construction inspection provides a basic background for civil engineering courses and valuable job experience. Students will obtain valuable construction inspection experience that
can be added to resumes and is highly regarded by prospective future full-time employers. The Village of Howard’s Engineering Department provides construction inspection and administration services for municipal roadway and utility construction projects, typically totaling from 5 to 10 million dollars annually.

Student employees can expect to enjoy a professional, relaxed, atmosphere. While working for the Village you can expect to perform a wide variety of tasks that will give you a more complete understanding of the construction process and a background for your future career.

Generalized Responsibilities Include:

  1. Represent the Village of Howard on the construction site when the Contractor is working usually in excess of an 8 hour day. Work includes effective interaction and communication with surveyors, soil testers, engineers, and construction personnel.
  2. Use and learn about contract specifications and plan-reading skills along with basic land surveying skills to ensure that construction complies with project plans and specifications.
  3. Perform inspection for utility and roadway construction projects.
  4. Verify/record constructed locations of installed utilities.
  5. Maintain a daily log of all construction activities and pertinent conversations or instructions discussed with the contractor(s).
  6. Keep track of construction pay item quantities on a daily basis.
  7. Communicate/report to the Staff or Village Engineer on project progress.
  8. For Co-Op students there will also be the opportunity to assist in record drawing development, preliminary project designs, estimating, and planning.

AutoCAD, Civil 3D, Excel, construction inspection and surveying skills are highly desirable but not required. Having your own vehicle for transportation and a valid driver’s license is required. Wages and mileage
reimbursement are competitive.

Apply via email or regular mail by sending resume and cover letter.

If interested in a paid learning experience, please contact:
Mr. Michael Kaster, P. E.
Village Engineer
Village of Howard
1336 Cornell Road
Green Bay, WI 54313-8923