‘Telling Your Story’ Workshop Registration is Now Open

Are you a student who wants to pitch in the New Venture Challenge or another pitch competition? Do you want to make your presentations more compelling? If so, this workshop is for you.

Your ability to pitch greatly improves when you explain your business venture in a persuasive way. What need does your product or service fill? What impact will it have? Communicating your value proposition through the art of storytelling is an important part of connecting with your audience.

Laura Kasson Fiss (PAV), who teaches writing, literature and a course through Pavlis on telling your story, will walk pitch contestants through a process to help them identify key elements of their stories to pitch their innovations. We’ll talk about ways to arrange narrative elements to create a story arc and how to mobilize techniques of storytelling in the service of your innovation.

Join us on Feb. 23, 4- 5:30 p.m., at the West Collaboration Space in the Pavlis Honors College. Register online by Feb. 21.