Internship/Co-op: Team Elmers

Co-op or Internship

This is a temporary position involving various duties that permit exposure to the student’s field of study and/or provide experience that is a useful addition to the student’s education and meaningful preparation for future professional employment. Internships are open to sophomores, juniors, and seniors who are pursuing degrees in Civil Engineering and Construction Management. In-the-field work includes but is not limited to daily take-offs, tracking quantities, day-to-day communication with inspectors, supporting the Project Manager and possibly overseeing the project for the Project Manager. In-the-office work includes but is not limited to site visits, take-offs from plans, attending pre-bid meetings and bid openings, placing field quantities into a spreadsheet, managing contract paperwork and documentation, organizing contract files, etc.

The Co-o/Internship program has four major objectives:

  1. Create a remarkable learning and professional experience for interns so that they
    will think enthusiastically about construction and what they have learned about
    the highway/heavy construction industry.
  2. Provide interns with a practical, hands-on learning experience where they will be
    directly involved in the work.
  3. Create a pipeline for the best of the best employees to join Team Elmer’s upon
    graduation from college.
  4. Keep Team Elmer’s Division Managers in touch with the new generation of
    workers and provide a superior group of candidates to preview.

If interested, please send your resume to Cindy Karker,, HR Manager for Team Elmer’s, or apply on their website,, or through Indeed.