Job Posting: Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory (GLERL)

NOAA’s Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory (GLERL) located in Ann Arbor, MI or Muskegon, MI is hiring a 

Physical Scientist (Hydrographer), ZP-1301-3 (ZP-3 is equivalent to GS-11)The announcement will be open for 14 days; it is set to open on 1/22/2024

 and close on 2/5/2024

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Serve as a hydrographer, responsible for processing, analyzing, and producing hydrographic data acquisition products and surveys. Under general direction and guidance on project objectives, manage hydrographic datasets and facilitates data transfer.
  • Create data products for survey projects. Maintain awareness and understanding of current hydrographic survey techniques, procedures, sensors, and software to study, define problems, and make improvements to a variety of hydrographic technical systems and procedures.
  • Apply recognized project management principles, techniques, and tools to manage, and track projects to meet requirements. Research project plan requirements using multiple sources; compile supporting documentation; and solicit feedback from user groups.

Specialized Experience include all of the following:

  • Processing, producing and analyzing hydrographic survey data; and
  • Evaluating a variety of hydrographic survey techniques, procedures, sensors, and software to assess issues and improve hydrographic technical systems and procedures.

Applicants should pay careful attention to all the requirements, including submission of transcripts and answering the eligibility and vacancy questions (look for “To preview questions please click here.” in the vacancy announcement).

All US Citizens or Nationals apply here:

Job Announcement # (DHA): OAR GLERL-24-12270852-DHA