Communicating Risks to Diverse, Vulnerable People

Rocio Garcia-Retamero, advanced associate professor from the University of Granada, Spain, is an expert in the psychology of stereotype formation, gender issues, medical decision making, and risk communication. Garcia-Retamero will present, “Communicating Risks to Diverse, Vulnerable People,” from 3:30 to 4:15 p.m.,Thursday, Jan. 31, in the MEESE Center, Room 110. She will be reviewing a collection of studies investigating the benefits of using visual aids for communicating health risks to diverse and often vulnerable individuals. Theoretical mechanisms, open questions, and emerging applications will be discussed.

Garcia-Retamero has published nearly 100 articles and chapters on these topics including two recently completed books. She is funded by grants from the “Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation” and the “Foundation for Informed Medical Decision Making” in the US. Send questions to Edward Cokely at

From Tech Today.