Chadde Presents at Michigan Alliance for Environmental and Outdoor Education

Terry Sharik (SFRES) presented the keynote address titled, “Undergraduate Enrollment in U.S. Natural Resource Academic Programs: Trends, Drivers and Implications for the Future of the Profession,” at the Michigan Alliance for Environmental and Outdoor Education annual conference Friday and Saturday in Sault Ste. Marie. Joan Chadde (Center for Science and Environmental Outreach) and a Houghton High School science teacher presented, “Designing a Sustainable Future.” Jean Dunstan, Deidre Erbisch and Michael Hainault, Stanton Township School teachers, presented, “All About Birds: How to Start A Bird Program for Kids.” Marcy Erickson (CSEO) and Nathan Miller, Keweenaw Land Trust, received registration stipends to attend their first MAEOE conference.

From Tech Today.

MAEOE Conference 2015

Designing a Sustainable Future
Presenter: Joan Chadde & Lauri Davis- Lake Superior Stewardship Initiative, Western UP Center for
Science, Math, & Environmental Education, and Michigan Technical University.
Audience: All Location: Lake Huron Room
The session will facilitate teachers’ ability to engage Gr. 4-12 students in learning about sustainability and how to integrate this topic into their science, math, technology, or engineering curriculum. Participants will explore building and site design, renewable energy sources, vehicle design (mechanical engineering), efficient transportation systems (civil engineering), product life cycles and sustainable forestry initiative, food systems, and more. Attendees will receive lessons and resources.

Joan Chadde- Michigan Tech University
Joan is the director of the Center for Science & Environmental Outreach at Michigan Tech University and has more than 30 years of experience in K-12 science and environmental education.