Michigan Tech Ranked in Top 20 for 10-year ROI

New data from Georgetown University ranks the 10-year return on investment of a bachelor’s degree from Michigan Tech in the top 20 of public 4-year universities (and top 15 for 40-year ROI); 4,500 institutions were surveyed.

Using new data from the College Scorecard, Georgetown University ranked 4,500 colleges and universities by return on investment. The rankings follow the methodology of our 2019 report, A First Try at ROI: Ranking 4,500 Colleges.

The rankings include a new metric that measures the share of students at an institution whose earnings 10 years after enrollment are higher than those of workers with a high school diploma as their highest level of education. An average of 60 percent of college students across institutions earn more than a high school graduate after 10 years. However, at 1,233 postsecondary institutions (30 percent), more than half of their students 10 years after enrollment are earning less than a high school graduate. Our previous research indicates that these low earnings may relate to low graduation rates and disparities in earnings by gender and race and ethnicity.