CyberHusky Teams Place #17 in Spring National Cyber League Competition

In their first-ever National Cyber League (NCL) competition, CyberHusky, a group of local middle and high school students, participated in the NCL’s spring competition, which took place virtually April 14-16, 2023.

The CyberHusky 1 competition team placed #25; the CyberHusky 2 team placed #57. The RedTeam’s overall ranking (Cyber Power Ranking) is #17 in the nation. Over 600 teams across the country participated in the event.

The team’s overall ranking (Cyber Power Ranking) is #17 in the nation. Link to more info here.

CyberHusky 1 team members were Samuel Cai, Daniel Xie, Edward Liu, Rachel Sun, Anna Wu, Crystal Wang, and Bethany Green.

CyberHusky 2 team members were Arobindo Ghosh, Joshua You, Jackson Brown, Max Livesay, Zhitao Yap, William Jiang, and Baron Colbert.

The CyberHusky Team is coached by Michigan Tech faculty and students. Participating middle and high school students receive in-depth cybersecurity training and cyber competitions.