My Michigan Tech: Lydia Festian, BS in Mechatronics

Lydia Festian likes the way Michigan Tech’s mechatronics program gives her electrical application, electrical-mechanical integration, and programming experience. “Getting all of that combined into a degree is pretty cool.” One of the things she loves most about her department are the excellent instructors, who are “just great people to know. They have a lot of industry contacts and are always willing to help you out.”

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My Michigan Tech: Lydia Festian

Lydia’s on her pathway to an exciting, in-demand career. Where will Michigan Tech take you? Get started by scheduling your campus visit.

0:27 Why mechatronics?

1:23 Mechanical-electrical-programming fun

2:05 Professors are the best

2:30 Sure, Tech is weird

2:55 Find a career that excites you

3:39 It’s worth the hard work

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