Great Lakes Floor Maps

The Great Lakes impact our lives in many ways—from drinking water, growing food, creating the weather, manufacturing products, atmospheric deposition of pollutants, transporting goods and natural resources, and global warming. The Great Lakes contain 20% of the world’s freshwater, and Lake Superior contains half of the water in the Great Lakes—which equates to 10% of the world’s freshwater and nearly half of the United States’ and North America’s freshwater.

These floor maps are an effective way to engage students in learning about the Great Lakes and understanding the watershed concept. They are terrific teaching tools for K-12 schools, museums, and science centers throughout the Great Lakes and Lake Superior watersheds

What’s Included?

  • Floor Map: 9’ x 12’ vinyl cloth upon which has been printed lake outlines and the boundaries for Canada and United States, WI, MI, MN and Province of Ontario.
  • Clear plastic storage tub
  • Map Bar Scale (1) and Compass Rose (1)
  • Laminated labels for: Lakes, Countries , States /Provinces, Cities/Towns, watershed rivers
  • Yarn to form watershed drainage divide
  • handheld maps to identify river locations and cities
  • Lesson Plans

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Current Maps Offered

Great Lakes Floor Map
Lake Superior Floor Map










(Please contact is if you would like a map of a different lake)