Day: October 11, 2022

EF Faculty Present at IEEE’s Frontiers in Education Conference

Faculty from the Departments of Engineering Fundamentals (EF) and Cognitive and Learning Sciences (CLS) presented the following works this week at IEEE’s Frontiers in Education Conference in Uppsala, Sweden:

  • “Implementation of Game-Based Programming into First-Year Engineering Coursework as a Means to Engage and Excite Students” presented by Ken Thiemann (speaker) and Brett Hamlin
  • “Shifting the Power Dynamic – Does Grading by Near-Peer Mentors Impact Their Effectiveness?” presented by AJ Hamlin (speaker) and Amber Kemppainen
  • “Comparing Team Evaluation Software (Team+ and CATME)” presented by Amber Kemppainen, AJ Hamlin (speaker), Matt Barron, and Mary Raber
  • “Work in Progress: Utilizing the MUSIC Instrument to Gauge Progress in First-Year Engineering Students” presented by Susan Amato-Henderson (speaker) and Jon Sticklen
  • “First Year Engineering Students’ Perceptions of the Role of an Engineer” presented by Amanda Singer (Ohio State University), Margot Vigeant (Bucknell University), and Michelle Jarvie-Eggart (speaker)
  • “Promoting Technology Adoption Among Engineering Faculty” workshop presented by Michelle Jarvie-Eggart (speaker)

Frontiers in Education 2022, Grand Challenges in Engineering Education, took place on October 8–11.

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