Day: November 11, 2009

New Form for all Graduate Students

The Graduate School is pleased to announce the introduction of the Degree completion form.  All graduate students will be required to complete this form in their final semester.  Effective immediately, this replaces the Life after Michigan Tech and TD-Bindery forms, which will reduce the number of forms most students complete.  The new form also incorporates dynamic features which will make it easier to complete, and reflects changes made by the bindery for charging of binding fees.

Additionally, we are pleased to announce that online payment of binding fees is now available.

In support of these procedural changes, we will host a seminar on November 17th at 4:05pm to introduce the form and online payment system to interested students, faculty, and staff.  Please register online so we can plan for your attendance.  Your confirmation e-mail will have the location of the seminar.