Day: January 22, 2010

Record Enrollment for Spring 2010

The final preliminary spring 2010 enrollment numbers are out and the Graduate School is pleased to announce that  Michigan Tech has a record enrollment of graduate students.

Total graduate headcount is 1189 which is an increase of 212 or 21.7% over the spring 2009 numbers.

Total graduate student credit hours are 8162.5 which is an increase of 1411.0 or 20.9% over the Spring 2009 numbers.

Total 1st time master’s students are 71 which is an increase of 21 or 42.0% over the spring 2009 numbers.

Total 1st time doctoral students are 31 which is an increase of 6 or 24.0% over the spring 2009 numbers.

The Graduate School would like to thank everyone involved in achieving these numbers from our graduate students, faculty, directors and assistants, to the Registrar’s office for diligently working to recruit and enroll the newest students in our programs.  These numbers are very encouraging and are moving us closer to our goal of having 1250 graduate students at Michigan Tech.

For more information about future recruiting efforts and ways the Graduate School can assist programs with recruiting, please contact Jacque Smith, director of graduate marketing and advancement.

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Graduate Student’s Testimonial Stands Out

When YouTube reached out to users recently asking them to share which of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s words they found most memorable, graduate student Justin Ayers felt compelled to answer that call. “I remember reading King’s speech, “Loving Your Enemies,” in high school and I really enjoyed it,” says Ayers, who is pursuing his master’s in computer engineering. “I wanted to revisit the speech that I had found so inspirational, and this seemed like an awesome way to respond.” So awesome, in fact, that the video Ayers created was featured on YouTube’s homepage Monday–MLK Day–for thousands to see.

See for yourself–check out the YouTube video and get inspired .