Day: April 5, 2010

Grad Student Takes a Silver in MRS Science as Art Contest

Chee Huei Lee, a physics graduate student and research assistant, took a second place award in the Materials Research Society’s popular Science as Art competition, held at the 2009 MRS Fall Meeting in Boston.

Lee produces boron nitride nanotubes in a variety of shapes and sizes using catalytic chemical vapor deposition on a silicon substrate. He created “Dandelion Parachute Ball in the Nano World” using image processing software such as Photoshop to combine multiple scanning electron microscope images of the nanotubes.

“It is like playing a jigsaw puzzle game with no absolute rules,” says Lee. “And the final solution or result is only limited by imagination and creativity.”

Lee’s dandelion was chosen as one of the 50 finalists from among nearly 200 artistic entries. From the finalists, three first place and three second place winners were selected, including Lee’s entry.

From Tech Today