Day: April 22, 2010

Six fellowships awarded from The DeVlieg Foundation

The Graduate School is pleased to announce the awarding of six fellowships made possible by the generous support of The DeVlieg Foundation.  This years recipients will tackle a wide range of research problems from osteoarthritis in the knee to comparing the cost and effectiveness of two water treatment technologies.  Recipients are:

  • Darrell Cass, Civil Engineering, MS Candidate
  • Colin Gurganus, Physics, PhD Candidate
  • Alexandru Herescu, Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics, PhD Candidate
  • Megan Killian, Biomedical Engineering, PhD Candidate
  • Jarod Maggio, Environmental Engineering, PhD Candidate
  • Ashlee Vincent, Environmental Engineering, MS Candidate

See our web page for details about the nomination process, and for photos of our recipients.

Thirteen Students Inducted into SBE Honor Society

The Michigan Tech School of Business and Economics chapter of Beta Gamma Sigma international honor society recently inducted 13 students into its membership. Beta Gamma Sigma recognizes students of high scholastic achievement and is among the highest honors that a business student can receive at Michigan Tech.

The following students in the School of Business and Economics were inducted:

  • Nicole Baumruk, Management Information Systems (MIS)
  • Stephanie Behrens, Finance
  • Jacob Carlson, Finance
  • Lucy Dernovsek, Accounting
  • Ming He, Management
  • Adam Kastamo (MBA Student)
  • Lindsey Lindstrom, Marketing/Management
  • Rebekka Mikkola, Marketing/Management
  • Asel Otunchieva, Accounting
  • Michael Schott, Management Information Systems (MIS)
  • Kipp Vaughn, Management
  • Geoffrey Weston (MBA Graduate)
  • Lijuan Xie, Accounting

The Michigan Tech chapter advisor for Beta Gamma Sigma is Mari Buche.

Visit the business newsblog for more information and photos from the induction ceremony.

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PCA Inducts New Members and Honor Students

On Friday, April 16, nine alumnae were inducted into the Presidential Council of Alumnae (PCA). In addition to the nine new inductees, 30 PCA members were also on campus for their annual business meeting April 14-16.

The PCA advises the President on campus climate issues, provides suggestions for enhancing the University’s environment for students, and assists the President by identifying programs and activities that will benefit Michigan Tech. PCA works with the Office of Institutional Diversity, the Advancement area and the academic departments to help implement their ideas and support the University’s strategic plan.

The inductees are as follows:

  • Nancy A. Auer (Arnold), Biological Sciences, ’95 (PhD Alumna Graduate)
  • Ellen M. Bauman (Barrett), Electrical Engineering, ’90 and ’93 (MS Alumna Graduate)
  • Elzbieta G. Berak, Civil Engineering, ’81, Engineering Mechanics, ’85 (PhD Alumna Graduate)
  • Michelle-Anne Christensen (Irmen), Geological Engineering, ’84, Civil Engineering, ’86
  • Kathleen Haselmaier (Calder), Computer Science, ’84
  • Wendy L. Kram (Davidson), Mechanical Engineering, ’91
  • Catherine A. Leslie (Kuchta), Civil Engineering, ’83
  • Barbara K. Lograsso (Kiiskila), Metallurgical Engineering, ’80 and ’82, Metallurgical and Materials Science, ’91 (MS, PhD Alumna Graduate)
  • Erin A. Zimmer (Atwell), Chemistry, ’98

Another component of the PCA program includes the annual Women of Promise awards. This award recognizes current female students from each academic department who go above and beyond what is expected of them in terms of being a well-rounded student. The award goes to students who have demonstrated academic achievement, campus and community leadership, good citizenship, creativity and other characteristics of high-achieving individuals.

The honorees are as follows:

  • Anne E. Aho, Social Sciences
  • Ashley N. Benjamin, School of Technology
  • Kaitlyn J. Bunker, Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Danae N. Danen, Mathematical Sciences
  • Heather L. Dickey, Computer Science
  • Andrea Dixon, Geological and Mining Engineering and Sciences
  • Roxane Gay, Humanities (PhD Alumna Candidate)
  • Krista M. Kasuboski, Exercise Science, Health and Physical Education
  • Chelsea R. Leighton, Visual and Performing Arts
  • Britta C. Lundberg, Material Science and Engineering
  • Amanda L. Malburg, Civil Engineering
  • Jaclyn E. Nesbitt, Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics (MS Alumna Graduate,  PhD Candidate)
  • Annie L. Putman, Chemistry
  • Leslie M. Sabbann, Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics (undergraduate)
  • Erin M. Scanlon, Physics
  • Alison J. Springer-Wilson, Chemical Engineering
  • Danielle M. Stoll, Biomedical Engineering
  • Anna A. Uhl, Biological Sciences
  • Donieka R. Walker, Cognitive and Learning Sciences
  • Katherine R. Waring, Environmental Engineering
  • Jill C. Witt, School of Forest Resources and Environmental Science (PhD Alumna Candidate)
  • Katie L. Wysocky, School of Business and Economics

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