Day: August 24, 2010

NSF Program Helps Guatemalans Prepare for Volcanoes

When Rudiger Escobar-Wolf, a PhD candidate in geology, traveled to Guatemala under the sponsorship of the National Science Foundation (NSF), he never imagined that he would be meeting the nation’s vice president–let alone be asked to counsel the nation’s science advisors.  But because of his knowledge of volcanoes and volcano risk management, that’s exactly what he wound up doing.

Escobar-Wolf’s recent presentation to the National Disaster Reduction Council and Rafael Espada, vice president of Guatemala, outlined volcanic risks and the benefits of an early warning system.  Wolf also pointed out the importance of international cooperation between Michigan Tech and Guatemalan volcanologists.

“This is a great example of what the NSF envisioned when they created this unique funding program called PIRE (Partnerships in Research and Education) to develop international partnerships with researchers and universities,” said John Gierke, interim chair and professor of geological and mining engineering and sciences and director of PIRE at Michigan Tech.

For the full story and photos see the volcano.

Published in Tech Today.