Kettering Foundation Research ABD Fellowships in Democratic Theory & Practice

Deadline: 3/15/2011

The Kettering Foundation offers one-year fellowships to doctoral candidates with research interests in democratic theory and practice. Fellows participate in workshops and meetings. They also engage in research projects, writing reports and reviewing literature related to the foundation’s program areas.

The Kettering Foundation is an operating research foundation rooted in the American tradition of inventive research. The foundation studies practical strategies for strengthening democracy. The focus is on the ways that people go about solving their common problems, whether they act on them directly, through the cooperation of communities of citizens, or through governments and other institutions. Behind each program is the search for answers to a primary question: What does it take to make democracy work as it should?

The research is organized into six interrelated major programs: * Citizens and Public Choice * Community Politics and Leadership * The Public and Public Schools * Institutions, Professionals, and the Public * The Public-Government Relationship * International and Civil Society


The foundation seeks diversity in academic, cultural, and geographic backgrounds. Previous associates have come from departments of history, education, philosophy, the social sciences, and journalism.

Compensation and Provisions

Research Associates receive excellent fulltime compensation and benefits including medical insurance. The foundation also provides office space, use of a computer, access to the Internet and the foundation’s network, and other research resources. Associates are also reimbursed for ordinary costs associated with a temporary relocation to Dayton.