New theses and dissertations available in the Library

The Graduate School is pleased to announce new theses and dissertations are now available in the J.R. van Pelt and Opie Library from the following programs:

  • Biological Sciences
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Chemistry
  • Civil Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Forest Ecology and Management
  • Geophysics
  • Materials Science and Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Rhetoric and Technical Communication

Shawn Apostel
Doctor of Philosophy in Rhetoric and Technical Communication
Advisor: Diane L Shoos
Dissertation title: An “Army of One” to “Army Strong”: Visual Media and U.S. Army Recruitment During Bush’s “War on Terror”

Dulcinea Avouris
Master of Science in Geophysics
Co-Advisors: Gregory Phillip Waite and Simon Anthony Carn
Thesis title: Triggering of Volcanic Activity by Large Earthquakes

Ted Champagne
Master of Science in Civil Engineering
Advisor: Brian D Barkdoll
Thesis title: Physical Modeling of Air Injection as a Scour Remediation Technique Near Gated Weir Stilling Basins

Ding Chu
Master of Science in Materials Science and Engineering
Advisor: Miguel Levy
Thesis title: Optical Hysteresis of Ridge Waveguide Magnetic Garnet Films and Cavities in Two-Dimensional Magneto-Photonic Crystal Slabs

Kyle Forgette
Master of Science in Biological Sciences
Co-Advisors: Casey J Huckins and David James Flaspohler
Thesis title: The Relationship between Instream Habitat Characteristics, Emergent Insects, and Riparian Bird Communities

Patcharapol Gorgitrattanagul
Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering
Advisor: Amitabh Narain
Thesis title: The Length of the Annular Regime for Condensing Flows Inside a Horizontal Channel – The Experimental Determination of its Values and its Trends

Rohan Gumaste
Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering
Advisor: Amitabh Narain
Thesis title: Computational Simulations of Latent Heat Thermal Energy Storage Systems – with Innovative and First-Principles Based Simulation for the Underlying Unsteady Melting (and Solidification) Process

Mickey Jarvi
Master of Science in Forest Ecology and Management
Advisor: Andrew J Burton
Thesis title: The Effects of a Changing Climate on Root Respiration of Woody Plants in Sugar Maple Forests and Northern Peatlands

Jordan Klinger
Master of Science in Chemical Engineering
Advisor: David R Shonnard
Thesis title: Production of Biofuel Intermediates from Woody Feedstocks via Fast Pyrolysis and Torrefaction

Jolanta Len
Master of Science in Forest Ecology and Management
Co-Advisors: Robert Edgar Froese and Eric Agestam
Thesis title: The Growth Response of Planted Red Pine (Pinus resinosa Ait.) to Alternative Thinning Regimes

Mohsen Pourkhaatoun
Doctor of Philosophy in Electrical Engineering
Advisor: Seyed Alireza Zekavat
Dissertation title: High Precision Range Estimation Techniques for Multi-Path Wireless Environments

Oskar Reynisson
Master of Science in Electrical Engineering
Co-Advisors: Bruce Mork and Jeffrey B Burl
Thesis title: Development and Simulation of DSP Filters for Transformer Differential Protection

Padmanaban Sasthan Kuttipillai
Master of Science in Chemistry
Co-Advisors: Bahne C Cornilsen and Tony Neal Rogers
Thesis title: Performance Evaluation of a Novel Asymmetric Capacitor Using a Light-Weight, Carbon Foam Supported Nickel Electrode

Ganesh Sukumar
Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering
Advisor: Song-Lin Yang
Thesis title: Implementation of Monotonic Higher Order Upwind Scheme in KIVA 4

Jennifer Witting
Master of Science in Biological Sciences
Co-Advisors: Jason Robert Carter and John James Durocher
Thesis title: The Effects of Fixed Night Shift Work on 24 Hour Blood Pressure Regulation, State Anxiety Levels and Total Sleep Time