Day: April 19, 2012

Tech MBA Online Rated a Best Value

The accolades continue to accumulate for the Tech MBA Online program. It is now rated a top-25 best value nationally, according to the Business MBA website ( The School of Business and Economics’ program is ranked number thirteen among some impressive institutions. Florida, Florida State, Auburn, UMass, Colorado State, Georgia and Arizona State are all on the list.

Of the Tech MBA Online, the website stated that the School of Business and Economics is “known for its commitment to the business of technology as well as the technology of business education.”

The Tech program earned high marks for being accredited by the American Association of Collegiate Schools of Business International (AACSB), the fact that it can be completed in two years, and its focus on the integration of technology and business.

“This recognition comes at a critical time as the cost of education continues to increase,” said Associate Dean Tom Merz. “Our goal is to provide a high-quality education while not sacrificing learning and professional development in an online learning environment.”

The website also stated that “. . . we’re confident that the combination of high quality and low cost offered by the programs on our list gives students looking to get the biggest bang for their MBA buck a great place to start their search.”

Previously, the Tech MBA Online was honored by US News and World Report in its first-ever online rankings. Michigan Tech was ranked 24th in Admission Selectivity and 38th in Teaching Practices and Student Engagement, among the 161 online graduate business programs honored.

by Dennis Walikainen, senior editor
Published in Tech Today