Day: January 13, 2013

AEG student scholarships for 2013

AEG announces student scholarships for 2013

To apply for the AEG student scholarships:

The scholarship applications are due on Feb 1st, 2013.

Student membership of AEG is required to qualify for the scholarship. But the good news is that the AEG student membership is free.

For more details on the membership:

For more details about the AEG Michigan Tech students chapter:

Ethics Education Program for Graduate Students

The Ethics education program,  funded by the National Science Foundation, offers busy graduate students a unique opportunity to build an understanding of intellectual property that will complement their studies, research, and instructional goals.

Students will participate in a non-credit (no-cost) and semester-long program that is guided by Michigan Tech copyright and patent experts.  Learn with peers in online environments, during weekly evening meetings, and during four (4) special dinner meetings with campus experts to develop a broad understanding of copyright and patent
fundamentals in the context of academic research and publishing.  Engage in guided team activities to analyze IP case scenarios relevant to graduate studies and to share their informed analysis with others.

Students will gain a competitive edge for their graduate studies and with future employers. They will explore the beneficial balance of IP law that supports the continuous advancement of knowledge by protecting, rewarding, and encouraging originality in STEM research.  On successful program completion, they will receive a certificate of
training in intellectual property.

Enroll now at:

An orientation dinner meeting is scheduled for the fourth week of the semester on Wednesday, February 6 in the library.