Check if your Dissertation, Thesis or Report is Complete

Students can check whether their dissertation, thesis, or report submission is complete on MyMichiganTech.  Additional details about the submission process can be found online for dissertations, theses, and reports.

First, log into MyMichiganTech using your Michigan Tech ID and password and click on the “Current Students” tab.

  • For example, if your email is, you would log in with “blizzard” as your ID along with the same password used to check email
  • More help on accessing MyMichiganTech is found in our previous tutorial

In the center column, labeled “My Status,” find the Degree Completion Timeline section.  Click on the hyperlink “your degree completion timeline” – boxed in red below.

Click on “your degree completion timeline” to see items required for each degree you are seeking.

Each degree you are seeking, dropped, or earned will be listed in a new window or tab.  Find the appropriate degree and the section labeled one of the following:

  • Dissertation and Defense
  • Thesis and Defense
  • Report and Defense

Pre-defense submission

Our example student is completing a thesis. When their Pre-defense paperwork is complete, both of the items boxed in red in the image below will be checked.

Your pre-defense submission to the Graduate School is complete when the items boxed in red are checked.

Post-defense submission

For our example student completing a thesis, when the post-defense thesis submission is complete, all three of the boxed items in red in the image below will be checked.  The same items are required for a dissertation.  Note:  Report students do not submit to ProQuest, and will only have two items appearing on their checklist.

Submissions are not reviewed until they are complete.

Your post-defense submission for a thesis or dissertation is complete when the items boxed in red are checked. Reports are not submitted to ProQuest, so only two items will appear on those checklists.

Submissions must be received completely in a timely manner. Check the Dissertation, Thesis, or Report area in the “My Status” section for deadlines to receive your submission. See the example student below with the deadline boxed in red.

Status message from the “My Status” area of MyMichiganTech showing the deadline to complete a thesis submission (boxed in red).

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