Graduate Student Writing Group

You are invited to participate in the MTMC Graduate Student Writing Groups, which will begin the first week of the semester.

At the Multiliteracies Center (Walker 107), we offer Graduate Student Writing Groups for graduate students at any level, in any discipline. These groups help grad students meet deadlines, stay motivated, and improve their projects. They are a free and powerful resource many students have found key to their success.

The groups are available for working on projects in any stage of the planning and writing process. This can include proposals, conference papers, posters, presentations, and defenses. The groups are discussion-based, allowing students to explain their projects and receive peer feedback. This helps students develop and polish their writing and ideas.

Those interested in signing up for a group can do so by clicking the following link:

These groups exist to help students overcome procrastination, as well as to provide organizational strategies, sounding boards, and deadlines. The groups meet for 1 hour a week in the Multiliteracies Center and are starting now. Please join us to help yourself and get writing done!

If you have any questions or would like to make another type of appointment, you can reach us at:, or 906-487-2007.