Day: January 25, 2018

Doctoral Finishing Fellowship Spring 2018 – Meng Tang

Meng Tang
Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics

Meng Tang

I am Meng Tang from Siping, China. I am currently a PhD candidate in Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics working with Dr. Jeffrey Naber and Dr. Seong-Young Lee. Before my graduate studies, I earned a Bachelor’s degree in Thermal Energy and Power Engineering from Beijing Jiaotong University. At Tech, I work in the Combustion Vessel Laboratory, conducting experimental research on the spray and combustion of alternative fuels using automotive injectors. These research provide information on spray injection, fuel-air mixing, ignition and combustion of the fuels, which are fundamental in developing models. Numerical simulation is a modern approach in developing clean and efficient combustion engines, where the accuracy of the model cannot be more important. During my studies at Tech, I was able to connect to Aramco Research Center-Detroit through their summer program for research opportunities on numerical model development based on the experimental studies conducted at the Combustion Vessel Laboratory.
I am grateful for the research opportunities made available through my advisors. Special thanks to the Graduate School Dean’s Advisory Panel for recommending me as a recipient of the prestigious Spring 2018 Finishing Fellowship. The fellowship made available through the Graduate School is greatly appreciated and it will help me focus on my research work towards the completion of my dissertation.