Author: Mary Stevens

Midwestern Association of Graduate Schools (MAGS) Thesis Award

Midwestern Association of Graduate Schools (MAGS) annually solicits for nominations for the MAGS Distinguished Master’s Thesis Awards to recognize and reward distinguished scholarship and research at the master’s level.

Fall 2015 Nominee for the MAGS/ProQuest Distinguished Masters Thesis Awards

Biological Sciences
Photograph of Miles Corcoran

Miles Corcoran




Fall 2016 Nominee for the MAGS/ProQuest Distinguished Masters Thesis Awards

Environmental and Energy Policy
Amanda Kreuze

Biomedical Engineering
Ameya Narkar


Portage Health Foundation Graduate Assistantship

The Graduate School is pleased to announce the awarding of the Portage Health Foundation Graduate Assistantships to provide support to PhD candidates. These assistantships are available through the generosity of the Portage Health Foundation. They are intended to recognize outstanding PhD talent in health-oriented research areas.

Summer 2016 Recipients

Biological Sciences
Photograph of Robert Larson

Robert Larson





Photograph of Ni Fan

Ni Fan





Chemical Engineering
Maryam Khaksari

Fall 2016 Recipients

Biological Sciences
Ida Fonkoue

Biomedical Engineering

Photograph of Zichen Qian


Zichen Qian




Summer 2017

Chemical Engineering
Sanaz Habibi

Shahien Shahsavarri

National Graduate Education for Minorities (GEM) Consortium

The Graduate School is pleased to announce the 2014 awarding of the Graduate Education for Minorities (GEM) Fellowship. GEM provides a large network, financial support, and expert knowledge to help ensure student success in competitive academic and professional environments.


Photograph of Christina Welch


Christina Welch


Mechanical Engineering-Engineering Mechanics

Photograph of Abayomi Famuyiwa,


Abayomi Famuyiwa

The King-Chávez-Parks Future Faculty Fellowship Program

The King-Chávez-Parks Future Faculty Fellowship Program is to increase the pool of traditionally underrepresented candidates pursuing faculty teaching careers in post-secondary education.

Spring 2017 Recipients

Rhetoric, Theory and Culture
Sara Potter

Fall 2016 Recipients

Data Science
Karen Colbert

Environmental and Energy Policy
Marie Richards 3

Marie Richards

Spring 2016 Recipients

Christine Torres Rosa

Fall 2015 Recipients

Applied Cognitive Science and Human Factors



Amber Kemppainen



Biological Sciences



Ida Fonkoue




Forest Science



Joanna Rogers

DeVlieg Foundation Fellowships

The Graduate School is pleased to announce the awarding of two DeVlieg Foundation Fellowships. The DeVlieg Foundation supports graduate students pursuing research in engineering, wildlife, and biology at Michigan Tech.

Forest Science

Kelsey Carter 3

Kelsey Carter is interested in plant physiological responses to climate warming. Her work was with a novel leaf-warming apparatus, which was developed in collaboration with Michigan Tech’s School of Forestry and Environmental Science and the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. The leaf-warming apparatus will have broad field and laboratory applications in predicting the effects of climate change on plant communities.


Tyler Capek 4

Tyler Capek studies how radiation interacts with aerosols in the atmosphere. His work focuses on developing instrumentation that characterizes the optical properties of various aerosols to study how the optical properties of aerosol (such as lab generated soot) change as a result of cloud processing. This work will allowing for a better understanding on the effect aerosols have on Earth’s radiative budget.