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How to submit an assignment to Canvas

Canvas is the learning management system that Michigan Tech uses for classes, and the Graduate School uses to collect theses, dissertations, and reports. This post will explain how to submit an assignment for the Graduate School.

First, log into Canvas by visiting http://mtu.instructure.com and logging in with your Michigan Tech ISO ID and password (the same one you use to access Banweb or your e-mail).

The Canvas log in screen. Use your Michigan Tech ID and password.

From the “Courses” menu, select the course “Graduate Candidates.” Contact Debra Charlesworth if you are not enrolled in this course.

Select the course “Graduate Candidates” after you log in.

The home page of the course contains links to resources that will help you prepare a thesis, dissertation, or report.  Click on “Modules” in the left hand menu to go to the submission modules.

Select “Modules” from the left hand navigation.

There are three modules available:  MS Students – Report Submission, MS Students – Thesis Submission, and PhD Students – Dissertation Submission.  Note that each module allows you to submit a pre-defense document or post-defense document with Degree completion form.  Since a pre-defense submission is required for all students, this must be submitted before the second assignment will be available.  In this example, we’ll submit a pre-defense thesis, so click on “Pre-defense Thesis Submission.”

Options under Modules tab.

The main area of the page will contain instructions on what you need to submit, and links to helpful resources applicable to each part of the submission process. In the upper right area, click on “Submit Assignment”

Click on “Submit Assignment”

In the submission area:

  1. Click on “Browse” to navigation to a location on your computer where the document is stored.  Note that you can also link your Google Doc folder to Canvas if you use that service to store your files.
  2. Click on the “+” icon if you need to “Add Another File.”  When submitting multiple files, please submit all files at once.
  3. Type comments to the Graduate School, such as the reference format you have used, in the comments box.
  4. Click “Submit Assignment” when you are ready to submit.
The submission area – browse for a file (or files), add comments, and submit.

The “Submission” box in the upper right now shows that your assignment is submitted, the time it was submitted, and allows you to view the details of the submission. Verify that all of the files the Graduate School needs to review your submission are present in the outlined box.

The upper right will show you that you have submitted the document.

The Graduate School will e-mail you when your review is complete.  Go back to the assignment on Canvas, and you will find any text comments and attachments in the “Submission” box. The Graduate School will only review one pre-defense submission, and once your document is accepted, no changes may be made to the document. You can revise your submission anytime before the Graduate School has begun your review by clicking on the “Re-submit assignment” link.

Revise your submission anytime before your review begins. This will delay your review.

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How to submit a document to ProQuest

All students completing a masters’s thesis or doctoral dissertation must submit their work to ProQuest.  This tutorial is divided into four sections, which match the sections on the ProQuest submission webpage:

Logging into ProQuest

Create an account on the ProQuest site.

Click on the “Log in” button in the upper right (select Student), or the “Submit my dissertation/thesis” in the “Ready to begin?” box.

On the next screen, select create new student account if you have never had a ProQuest account.  Provide the required information and follow the prompts to create your account.  If you have previously created an account, enter your username and password.

Publishing Information

The left hand navigation of the submission screen (boxed in red below) will allow you to see what steps you have completed.  To navigate, click “Save & Continue” at the bottom of each screen to save data you have entered, or click on any link in the left hand menu to navigate to different areas of the submission process.  The help icon in the upper left is also available to assist you on every page.

The first screen includes instructions on what you will need to complete your submission, and the fees for certain options available as you submit.  Scroll to the bottom of the screen and click the “Continue” button.

The "Instructions" page for a ProQuest/UMI Submission.
The “Instructions” page for a ProQuest/UMI Submission.

On the “Publishing Options” page, select the type of publishing you want for your document.

  • Traditional Publishing is the minimum option, and is free.  You must select this if you selected “Campus Access” for your work on your Approval form.
  • Open Access Publishing PLUS will give your work broader access, but has a cost associated with it. You will pay this fee directly to ProQuest.

Scroll down and select if you want your work available as soon as it is published, or if you need to delay access to your work.  This selection must match what was selected on your Approval form.  The remaining questions on this page are your choice.

The bottom of the “Publishing Options” page for a ProQuest submission.
The next screen will present a Publishing Agreement based on the options you selected (Traditional or Open Access PLUS).  Read the agreement, and click on “Accept” to proceed.  You will then be prompted to enter your contact information.  Complete all of the required items.

About my dissertation/thesis

The “Dissertation/Thesis Details” page will ask about the title of your document, and other facts about your committee and program.  Note that if you have special characters in your abstract, you will need to use html codes.  The Graduate School will verify that the names of your committee members and advisors match our records in Banner.

The “Dissertation/Thesis Details” page in a ProQuest submission.
On the “PDF” page, upload your dissertation or thesis as a pdf file.  Click on the “Browse…” button (boxed below) and use the pop-up screens to navigate to the file.  You will immediately be told if your pdf file is in the format required by ProQuest.

Need help with embedding your fonts?

Click “Save & Continue” after you have uploaded your file.

The "PDF" screen in the ProQuest/UMI submission module.
The “PDF” screen in the ProQuest submission module.

The next two screens allow you to upload supplemental files (such as an appendix available in digital format, or permission letters to reprint copyrighted materials) and add notes to the administrator.  The information on these pages is optional.

Submission and Payment

In the final section, the “Register U.S. Copyright” page will ask if you want to register your U.S. copyright.  There is an additional charge for this service that will be collected from ProQuest. It is optional. You are not required to file your copyright, and you may do so on your own at a later date if you wish.

The “Register U.S. Copyright” page for a ProQuest submission.
The “Order copies” page will ask you if you want to order copies of your document.  The Graduate School no longer provides a binding service, so this is one way to obtain personal bound copies of your thesis if desired.  Click “Decline-do not order” if you do not wish to order copies from ProQuest. Ordering any copies is optional.

The "Order copies" page on a ProQuest/UMI submission.
The “Order copies” page on a ProQuest/UMI submission.

On the “Submit” screen, if any items are incomplete, you will be asked to complete them before submitting.

If your submission is complete, you will be given a final opportunity to review your information, and change anything you have selected.  Click “Submit Dissertation/Thesis” to submit your document.  You will need to pay any fees due to ProQuest before you can submit your document.

The "Submit" screen for a complete ProQuest/UMI submission.
The “Submit” screen for a complete ProQuest/UMI submission.

The Graduate School will review your submission, and let you know of any changes that are necessary.  You may return to ProQuest and “Revise” or “View” your submission at any time prior to acceptance by the Graduate School.

You can "View" or "Revise" your submission until the Graduate School reviews it.
You can “Revise” or “View” your submission until the Graduate School accepts it.

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