Aleksandr Sergeyev and others awarded $999,930 grant from NSF ExLENT Program

“Large scale societal challenges like climate change and clean energy require a STEM workforce that brings varied perspectives and expertise to further accelerate the translation of science and engineering discoveries into large scale solutions.”

Program Synopsis, NSF ExLENT (Experiential Learning for Emerging and Novel Technologies)

The ExLENT Program is a new initiative from the National Science Foundation that aims to expand the workforce in fields considered emerging technology by increasing experiential learning opportunities that bolster interest, access, and career paths. This program asserts that a diverse background, both professionally and academically, will achieve the crucial varied perspective that these exploding fields need to continue this rate of growth.

Dr. Sergeyev has proven excellence in Mechatronics research and education. Him and co-PI’s Vinh Nguyen, Scott Kuhl, David Labyak, and Paniz Hazaveh make up the team of Michigan Tech faculty that secured nearly a million dollars towards developing these opportunities in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, which has rose as an attractive location for these kinds of investments. Mechatronics falls under NSF’s classification for ‘advanced industry.’

But what better place could there be? The rapid development of emerging technologies on the UP have been evident, such as when Michigan Tech’s Mechatronics program was recently touted as the second best of it’s kind in the country.

The already existing and rapidly expanding educational and professional opportunities available here positions Michigan Tech well to become a top research university in these emerging technologies. The funding secured will undoubtedly offer plentiful resources towards further growth, and the outcomes will be exciting.