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Transfer credits from elsewhere

Alternative reference: View/Print .pdf Transfer Help instructions.

Transfer Credits: To take classes elsewhere and transfer them to MTU, use the MTU online Transfer Equivalency Link and the course schedules and catalogs from the other college. Choose courses that will transfer to an equivalent course at MTU that are required for your degree.  (such as an appropriate HASS List course) A “C” or higher grade is required to transfer in a course.

  • To access list of courses already approved for transfer use the Michigan Tech Transfer Equivalency System.
  • If the course you want or need is NOT on the Transfer Credit Equivalency list, request to have it evaluated for transfer credit by sending the following details to the  MTU Transfer Services Office, for each course:   email
    • University or college name
    • Course ID and title
    • Syllabus – REQUIRED
    • Textbook(s) used (usually on the syllabus)
    • Detailed Description (usually on the syllabus)
  • If all this information is available online, you can send the link to  A short catalog description is not enough information to evaluate for MTU credit. You must provide the course syllabus.
  • Enroll in courses. Grades must be C or higher to be accepted at MTU. If the course(s) are prerequisites to classes you need to register for next semester, have a copy of your transcript from the transfer college sent to MTU, so that our system knows the courses you plan to transfer.

Prerequisite? If  a course you are taking elsewhere is a prereq for something you want to add to your next semester’s schedule, then contact Transfer Services at,  to let them know about the course, so the course will be marked “In Session”. Then you can schedule courses it is a prereq for. Be sure to request an official copy of your transcript (send it to MTU) as soon as the prerequisite course is completed.

How to transfer credits to MTU after you complete course(s):

Office of Student Records & Registration
Admin. building
1400 Townsend Avenue Houghton, MI 49931-1295

To find out if a course may count as a “UN” course, consult the Transfer Services Office (Student Services, Admin bldg) before taking the course.  phone: 487-3323,  email: transfer@

MTU’s General Education HASS Requirements 6 credits HASS must be numbered 3000-4999. (upper level)

For generic transfer course numbers, ex. HU9300L and SS9300U: “L” in the 7th position indicates the course is Lower Level, and “U” indicates Upper Level.

Here is the Tutorial on how to transfer credits from elsewhere, to MTU. Slides only .pdf

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