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Registration- Senior Design or ENT4950

To schedule ECE Design Project 1 in Fall, EE4901, register for section 0A and section L01.  Your section will be adjusted to match your team in 2nd week of classes, after teams are formed. Design Project 2 is required in Spring: EE4910-schedule setion L01 and the Rxx section that matches your team section number in EE490).

To schedule ENT4950: 

Start by completing Part A, online form found here  under the tab “Enterprise Student Resources” (requires ISO login). Expand “Forms” and choose ‘ENT4950 Registration Forms (Electrical and Computer Engineering)’

  1. Part A is used to verify your are “Senior Design Ready”, have met the prerequisites. Part A must be satisfactorily completed prior to completion of Part B. Emails will be sent to you from regarding your registration status.
  2. Part B is used to document your project and obtain approval from your Enterprise Advisor.
  3. Once complete and approved, Judy or Trever will register you in ENT4950.

To schedule MEEM4901, (or MEEM4911) contact Ryan (  or Tricia ( in MEEM204/205.  Senior Design in MEEM4901 can begin in Fall or Spring. (EE majors copy Judy and CpE majors copy Liz on that email)

Prerequisites must be complete to register: EE3901, EE3131, and co-req or pre-req :  EE3171 or EE3173 (if not photonics concentration)

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Spring Advising Meetings/videos – registration

Prepare for your next fall and next year courses; options for engineering design, electives, concentrations, etc…

First-year students, click the academic year you began at Tech to view your current or past First-Year Spring Advising Meeting.

Sophomores, juniors, & seniors not yet graduating: Click the academic year you are/were in the sophomore/junior ECE courses to view your 2nd Spring Advising meetings (Sophomore and Beyond).
To view past first-year advising meeting, click the year your began at Tech, and view the first-year meeting.

2019-2020 (pub. spring 2020)

2018-2019 (pub. spring 2019)

2017-2018 (pub. spring 2018)

2016-2017 (pub. spring 2017)

2013-2014 (pub. spring 2014)

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2014 Spring Advising Meetings

Have your flowchart handy.  Be ready to take notes and plan for registration of your fall classes.  Write down your questions. Turn your speakers on. May need to adjust volume. Many advising topics covered.

Approximately 23 minutes, in lieu of coming out on a COLD February night to a cold classroom for an hour.

Audio: Have your speakers on;    Software: Windows Media Viewer

First-year and new transfer students:   2014 First-year student Spring Advising Meeting (EE and CpE)

EE Sophomores and Juniors2014 EE Soph and Beyond Spring Advising Meeting

CpE Sophmores and Juniors: 2014 CpE Soph & Beyond Spring Advising Meeting

E-mail Judy or Trever or stop by EERC 131 if you have questions.

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Last Day to DROP

Fall 2013:
Last day to drop a full-term course with a REFUND (if applicable) is Wednesday, Sept. 11th.

Friday, Sept. 20, by 5:00 PM  :  Last day to drop a full-term course without a grade appearing on your transcript. NO REFUND.

Last day to switch a course to “Audit” is Wednesday, Sept. 11th.

Courses dropped after Sept. 20 through Nov. 8th, will record “W“.

Classes may not be dropped after Friday, Nov. 8th by 5:00 PM.  In cases of extenuating circumstances, go to the Dean of Students Office. 906-487-2212

All drops after Week 1 must be done in the Student Services Center – Admin Bldg.

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2013 Spring Sophomore & Beyond Advising

Have your flowchart handy, take notes and learn about Gen Ed changes, Course Changes for next year; Electives; Engineering Design Options; Minors; Certificates; Co-op; Study-abroad; Transfer Credits, Accelerated Masters(NEW) and more: Write down your questions.

Sophomore/Junior ECE Students’ Advising meeting is a downloadable powerpoint presentation, approximately 20 minutes, lieu of going out on a COLD  night to a classroom for an hour+. View your presentation soon, take notes and email me or see me if you have questions.  If you don’t have a computer with Powerpoint, go to a lab (EERC 7th Floor).

Audio:  Speakers On          Software: Microsoft PowerPoint

Have PATIENCE: It takes a couple minutes to load. Click this link when you have 30+ minutes to listen in a quiet room, and choose to open it:

EE majors:   EE Soph+ 2013 Spring Advising (~20 min.)

CpE majors:  CpE Soph+ 2013 Spring Advising (~16 min.)

If it does not start playing automatically, click “Slide Show” at top, center, then click “From Beginning” at far left.

E-mail if you have questions.

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HASS distribution course list can be found on the Registrar’s website, the General Education website and the ECE undergraduate Advising page.

May use one HUFA course in place of UN1001:
HUFA List: FA2330, FA2520, FA2820, HU2130, HU2501, HU2538, HU2700, HU2820, HU2910, HU2503, HU2504

May use on SBS course in place of UN2002:
SBS List:  EC2001, PSY2000, SS2100, SS2200, SS2400, SS2500-SS2505, SS2600, SS2700

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Waiver Forms

Print  a “waiver form” from the Registrar’s Office website.
03 Special Approval/Restriction Waiver is most common.

If you get a Registration  error, check the course pre-reqs/co-reqs/restrictions in the course descriptions listing. You can quickly get to the course description by clicking the CRN in the Schedule of Classes.
To obtain approval:

  1. Print a waiver form.
  2. Complete your form and obtain signature approval from the Course instructor or department advisor.
  3. Bring completed, signed waivers to:
    • Student Services Center – Admin Bldg.
    • EERC 131 for EE courses and ECE enterprise waivers

Enterprise: Instructor approval required for most enterprises, every semester. Bring waiver form to the enterprise faculty advisor or pick up waiver from your enterprise advisor. Bring signed form to Judy for ACE, WCE, & Blue Marble. For other Enterprises, see their sponsoring department if approval is needed to register & take signed form to Student Services Center (Admin Bldg).

Class Restriction on a UN course? Class restrictions for the UN/SBS/HUFA courses will be removed after the sophomores and freshmen have scheduled – near the end of the 2nd week of the initial registration period. If you miss that, UN classes will open to everyone at the end of orientation week.

Full Class? Go to department that offers the class for permission to enroll in a filled-section.  First-year students use Orange form. Others use Green Filled section form available in Advising Offices. I cannot get you into full classes in other departments such as MA, PH, PE or SS.
ENG courses:    Go to Dillman 112,  the Fundamentals of Engineering Department.

Waivers for non-EE courses need to be signed by the department advisor or instructor for that course. Bring signed wiavers to the Student Services Center.

  • ENG or Cohort – Dillman 112
  • CH – Chem Sci 607D /206A Lois Blau /Denise Laux (CH1000, CH1150, CH1151, CH1153)
  • CS – Rekhi 221  Jen Franke or Sarah Kuhl
  • MA – Fisher 205A  Beth Reed
  • EE – EERC 131    Judy Donahue or Trever Hassell
  • PH – Fisher 221  Wil Slough or Dr. John Jaszczak
  • PE – SDC 231 Terry Anderson
    UN –    Class Restriction – see Helene Hiner, Library 229 or Student Services Center.

Types of waivers and who you go to request approval:

  • Full Section    (get approval signature from department offering the course)
  • Pre-requisite missing    (get approval signature from instructor)
  • Instructor / special permission / Restriction    (approval from instructor)
  • Credit Overload Permission form    (approval signature from your academic advisor)
  • Time Conflict/Exam Conflict    (approval from BOTH instructors)

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ENG1001, ENG1100, ENG1101, ENG1102

Fundamentals of engineering courses –

The Spatial Visualization test must be passed prior to enrolling in ENG1001 or ENG1101.  Take ENG1002 along with your first ENG course if you do not achieve a score of at least 19 on the Spat Vis test.  Transfer students with credit for ENG1101 must pass the Spatial Visualization test before enrolling in ENG1102. (or take ENG1002 prior to taking ENG1102)

Email or go to the Engineering Fundamentals Department to take the spatial visualization test:  Dillman 112,   487-3057

Pre-calc students (MA1031, 1032) take ENG1001 in fall, then ENG1100 in spring, then ENG1102 next fall.

  • ENG1101 has a co-req of MA1160/61  (or pre-req)
  • ENG1102 has a co-req of MA2160  (or pre-req)
  • ENG1001, ENG1101, ENG1102 (transfer students) have Spatial Visualization test as pre-req or take ENG1002 as co-req

ENG Courses

Objectives of Engineering Fundamentals courses:

  • To develop an appreciation for the engineering profession
  • To develop proficiency in the use of computers to solve engineering problems
  • To introduce fundamental engineering and design concepts
  • To improved technical communication skills
  • To understand ethics and it’s importance in the engineering profession

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Senior Rule

While you are a senior, and if you have room in your schedule, you may take credits and reserve them for a “graduate transcript” making the credits available for possible use toward a future graduate degree. Credits taken under “Senior Rule” may not apply to your undergraduate degree.  It is up to your future graduate program whether the credits will be accepted or not.

Information and Senior Rule Form.

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Plan your schedule:

Look up Course Information:

Get flowcharts, lists of electives, and planning information:

If you need to meet with me, call 487-2550 to schedule a time.  Bring your academic plan and flowchart that we have been using.

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