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Registration- Senior Design or ENT4950

To schedule ECE Design Project 1 in Fall, EE4901, register for section 0A and section L01.  Your section will be adjusted to match your team in 2nd week of classes, after teams are formed. Design Project 2 is required in Spring: EE4910-schedule setion L01 and the Rxx section that matches your team section number in EE490).

To schedule ENT4950: 

Start by completing Part A, online form found here  under the tab “Enterprise Student Resources” (requires ISO login). Expand “Forms” and choose ‘ENT4950 Registration Forms (Electrical and Computer Engineering)’

  1. Part A is used to verify your are “Senior Design Ready”, have met the prerequisites. Part A must be satisfactorily completed prior to completion of Part B. Emails will be sent to you from regarding your registration status.
  2. Part B is used to document your project and obtain approval from your Enterprise Advisor.
  3. Once complete and approved, Judy or Trever will register you in ENT4950.

To schedule MEEM4901, (or MEEM4911) contact Ryan (  or Tricia ( in MEEM204/205.  Senior Design in MEEM4901 can begin in Fall or Spring. (EE majors copy Judy and CpE majors copy Liz on that email)

Prerequisites must be complete to register: EE3901, EE3131, and co-req or pre-req :  EE3171 or EE3173 (if not photonics concentration)

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