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Changes for Robotics Engineering flowchart

1. The prereq/coreq for EE2180, Introduction to Robotics has changed. The original course sequence stays the same.
EE3010, Circuits and Instrumentation for CPS,  is now a required prerequisite or co-requisite (Concurrent prerequisite)and – Linear Algebra, accelerated(MA2321) or non-accelerated(MA2320), is now a required prerequisite or co-requisite (Concurrent prerequisite)
2. In semester 5, students choose either EE3160(3), Signals and Systems, or MEEM3750(4), Dynamics.  (previously only EE3160 is listed)
3. In semester 6, take EE3261, Control Systems. Previously students chose either EE3261 or MEEM3750. MEEM3750 pairs better with EE3160 topics. Those originally planning to take MEEM3750 in place of EE3261, take EE3261. See me if you already took MEEM3750 instead of EE3261.
4. Beginning Fall 2022, SAT2711, Linux Fundamentals, becomes a 3 credit course. The 4th credit can be ‘made up’ with one credit of ‘free electives’. (just about anything except co-curricular activities)
Please replace your flowchart with these changes or replace with this flowchart. See Judy if you need help planning with these changes.

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