EE3901 – Design Fundamentals (substitutions)

Courses which may substitute for EE3901 – Design Fundamentals, 2 credits.

1. ENT 3964(1) Project Management
AND ENT3958(1) Engineering Ethics.

Usually offered:

ENT3964 – online in summers; spring (JR or SR standing)

and ENT3958 – spring

Prereqs: ENG1101 or (ENT1001 and ENG1100) (JR or SR standing)ENG 1101 or (ENG 1001 and ENG 1100

  2. OSM 4300(3) – Project Management

Usually offered:

Summer online; fall; spring

Pre-Requisite(s): BUS 2100 or CEE 3710 or MA 2720 or MA 3710 or EE 3180 or BE 2110 or MA 2710

Instructor permission required to request EE3180 as prereq.


Your academic advisor will need to adjust your online degree audit for this substitution.

Email them when you are enrolled or complete the course(s).

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