New Computer Organization course for Computer Engineers, EE 3172

Great News! A new Computer Organization course for Computer Engineers is being developed by the ECE Department and will be offered beginning academic year 2023-2024 (starting Fall 2023).

EE 3172 – Fundamentals of Computer Organization replaces CS 3421 – Computer Organization on the computer engineering degree.
EE 3172 covers processor basics like decoding instructions, implementation of an ALU, an introduction to pipelining, and an overview of caches. There will be a significant processor implementation project in Verilog, so pay attention in your Digital Logic labs.

Students who did not take CS 3421 prior to Fall 2023, will take EE 3172 instead of CS 3421. Update your flowcharts and academic planning sheets accordingly.
EE 3172 will meet the prereq requirement for courses that require CS3421. Examples: CS 3411: The prerequisite will become: CS 3421 or EE 3172.CS 4121: The prerequisites will be: CS 2321 and (CS 3421 or EE 3172) and CS 3311.
The new CpE core sequence will be: EE 2174 — EE 3172 — EE 3173 — EE 4173.