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Spring 2021 ECE Course Waitlist

“Help! A course I need next semester is already full!”

This is bound to happen sometimes. Please read through the following to learn more about the waitlist process.

First, attempt to register for all your courses using available sections. If there is another section open, try rearranging your schedule if possible to accommodate. Sometimes, though, it will be genuinely impossible to finish your registration.

If you are trying to register for an ECE department course (one that begins with EE), you may submit your information via our Waitlist. This will alert us to pressing needs that you might have.

We will prioritize the waiting lists firstly based on which students have the greatest need for a required course to maintain feasible graduation timing and/or earn a minor, etc.  We’ll also take the planned graduation semester into account for technical electives (Spring 2021 grads take priority over Fall 2021 grads, etc). 

You will be notified with an email if and when they are added to a course from a waiting list. Sometimes this might take some time to shake out; remember, there are hundreds of students who might be encountering a variety of issues.

Lastly, please do not complete the online form to get on a waiting list until after your registration time starts according to the published schedule (by earned credits).  If you do submit an entry early it will jeopardize your priority for getting into the course.

In the meantime, plan ahead! Have a plan B (or plan C) schedule. Consider if there are any alternative courses you can take, or at different times!

Seniors: HASS and Gen Ed Communication/Composition Issues

To get on the waitlist for a HU/Gen Ed Humanities Course, Email Dr Maria Bergstrom (, Jackie Elleneich (  and Katy Ellenich ( right away if they are not able to get into a course. Students should include:

M Number
Graduation semester
Course/section preference (though we can’t guarantee the student will get the preferred course or section)
What requirement you’re trying to fulfill
Whether the Comm/Comp needs to be upper division

Priority is based on (a) urgency of need to fill requirement to graduate (b) JR/SR status (c) other extenuating circumstances (so if that’s the case, ping your advisor!).