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Senior Design Projects 2012-13

Expo 2013 Booklet
Expo 2013 Booklet

Seniors in Materials Science and Engineering were involved in several interdisciplinary collaborations for their Senior Design Projects. Each project had a faculty advisor and industry sponsor. Students worked together to address issues in medicine, transportation, manufacturing, metallurgy, and other areas.

Senior Design Projects 2012-13

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Projects were presented at the Undergraduate Expo 2013. Learn more about Expo activities in the Expo 2013 Booklet.

Senior Design vs. Enterprise

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Emily Durham, graduating senior from the materials science and engineering program, felt that the “extended experience” is what she appreciated most about enterprise. “The best way I have come to describe enterprise is an extended senior design project.” Durham will have been a part of the Enterprise program for six semesters once she receives her bachelor’s degree in May. Her experience with the program helped her gain a summer internship with a major company in the metals industry.

MSE Team wins Michigan Tech Design Expo

The “Aluminum Corrosion Study—Automotive Electrical Systems” team placed first for Senior Design in the annual Michigan Tech Design Expo.

Aluminum Corrosion Study Team Members: Annie LeSage, Jacob Gerdt, Kyle Myszka,and Alexandra Glover, Materials Science and Engineering
Advisor: Steve Kampe, Materials Science and Engineering
Sponsor: Yazaki North America

Aluminum Corrosion Study Team Members: Annie LeSage, Jacob Gerdt, Kyle Myszka,and Alexandra Glover, Materials Science and Engineering
Aluminum Corrosion Study Team Members: Annie LeSage, Jacob Gerdt, Kyle Myszka,and Alexandra Glover, Materials Science and Engineering

Project Overview:
The switch from copper to aluminum in automotive electrical systems is advantageous to U.S automakers and automotive component suppliers because it has the potential to decrease vehicle weight and raw materials costs. This switch also poses several challenges. This senior design project characterizes the galvanic corrosion rate of an aluminum substrate with a metallic plating when exposed to an electrolytic solution. This mimics the exposure of electrical components to a fluid containing salts or automotive chemicals. The results of this testing are critical to the success of the copper-to-aluminum substitution in automotive electrical systems. This is because they inform automotive component designers about the expected lifetime of such systems when exposed to a corrosive environment.

Video Clip about the Aluminum Corrosion Study

Aluminum Corrosion Study Team at Design Expo
Aluminum Corrosion Study Team at Design Expo

2015 Design Expo Image Contest Entries

Congratulations to MSE senior design team members Jordan Pontoni, Calvin Nitz, Shane Anderson and Austin DePottey for their first place image of a team member at work in the foundry. The image illustrates the team’s project, Casting 357 Aluminum, sponsored by Eck Industries. The team’s advisor is MSE engineer/scientist Thomas Wood.
Team 150, Title: “E357 Alloying to Increase Elongation and Maintain Mechanical Properties”, the foundry shot.

MSE senior design team members Jordan Pontoni, Calvin Nitz, Shane Anderson and Austin DePottey for their first place image of a team member at work in the foundry.
MSE senior design team members Jordan Pontoni, Calvin Nitz, Shane Anderson and Austin DePottey for their first place image of a team member at work in the foundry.

2015 Design Expo Summary Report

Design Expo 2014


Good luck to all the teams participating in Design Expo 2014, coming up on Thursday, April 17, from 8 am to 4 pm. in the J. Robert Van Pelt and John and Ruanne Opie Library, 3rd floor.

Design Expo is a showcase of Enterprise and Senior Design student projects.

View the Design Expo 2014 – Schedule of Events.

We would like to say congratulations to the graduating seniors and a job well done on senior design posters and presentations. The list below show the presentations and all who were involved:

2:00 Design, Manufacture, and Testing of a New Blast Furnace Tap Bit
Team: Alisha Clark, Matt Dazell, Dan Freiberg, Max Rebottaro
Advisor: Tom Wood (AME)
Sponsor: Joe Brunner, ArcelorMittal

2:25 Battery Electrode Formulation for Lithium Battery
Team: Kellan Martin, Taylor Michels, Emily Wolbeck, Michael Warhus
Advisor: Dr. Pete Moran
Sponsor: Todd Bofinger, Boston Scientific

2:50 Ductile Iron Alloy Development
Team: Collin Tether, Alex Thiel, Danielle Williamson, Melissa Wright
Advisor: Dr. Dan Seguin (AME)
Sponsor: Steve Thelen and Stephen Doyle, Meritor

3:15 Bainitic Steel Alloy and Heat Treatment Optimization
Team: Travis Hepfner, Cody Torrez, Matt Tianen, Kelsey Whalen
Advisor: Dr. Doug Swenson
Sponsor: Ed Vesely, ME Global

3:40 BREAK

3:50 Friction Stir Welding of Aluminum Die Castings
Team: Anthony Konieczny, Alex Seidl, Chris Shaw, Stephanie Tankersley
Advisor: Dr. Dan Seguin
Sponsor: Cory Padfield and Steve Cook, American Axle

4:15 Improved Brake Design for Brake Truck Applications
Team: Adam Jacobson, Michel Knudsen, Alex McQuarter, Troy Podges
Advisor: Jerry Anzalone (AME)
Sponsor: Greg Ecker, Magline

4:40 Local Material Properties in Die-Cast Aluminum Driveline Housings
Team: Zac Dvorak, Ben Holtz, Greg Holl, Andrew Lewis,
Advisor: Dr. Dale Dewald (AME)
Sponsor: Ben Cottrill, Linamar

View the Design Expo 2014 Booklet

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Design Expo 2014
Design Expo 2014

Materials Design Education

Friday, September 25, 2009 12:00 – 1:00 pm
Room U113, M&M Building

G.B. Olson
Northwestern University & QuesTek Innovations LLC


A novel integration of design into the undergraduate materialscurriculum has beenunder development for the past 15 years at Northwestern.The Bodeen-LindbergMaterials Design Studio serves as a central teaching facility for computationalMSE in the curriculum. Software tools introduced throughout core courses areintegrated in a required junior-level Materials Design course. Through anintegration of education activities of our Design Institute with funded designresearch activities of the Materials Technology Laboratory, coaching by graduatestudents and post-doctoral researchers facilitates cross-disciplinary concurrentcomputational engineering of materials and structures in engineering schoolwide”institute projects” involving multidisciplinary undergraduate teams spanningfreshman to senior level. Project examples include “Civil Shield” addressingmaterials and structures for civilian anti-terrorism bomb mitigation, and “SmartStent” integrating high-performance shape memory alloys in endovascular stentdesigns.

Undergrad Expo 2013 Award Winners in MSE

Undergraduate Expo 2013
Undergraduate Expo 2013

More than 60 student teams displayed their research projects at the Undergraduate Expo last Thursday, April 18, at the Van Pelt and Opie Library. You can check out Expo videos, slide show, booklet and results at

Senior Design Second Place
Sickle Section Material and Heat Treatment Investigation

Team Members Kelsey Michael, Anne Wiese, Luke Operhall, and Bradley Pasionek, Materials Science and Engineering; 
Advisor Mark Plichta
; Sponsored by Kondex

Senior Design Honorable Mention
Design of an ETA Phase Strengthened Nickel-Based Alloy

Team Members Peter Enz, Bryan Turner, Ben Wittbrodt, and Matthew Wong, Materials Science and Engineering
; Advisor Calvin White
; Sponsored by John Shingledecker, Electric Power Research Institute

Senior Design Honorable Mention
Stainless Steel Bonded Titanium Carbide

Team Members Max Rebottaro and Michael Buhr, Mechanical Engineering; Carolyn Lahti and Andrew Miko, Material Science and Engineering; 
Advisor Paul Sanders, Materials Science and Engineering
; Sponsored by Kennametal

Expo Image Contest Second Place
Advanced Metalworks Enterprise: Pouring molten iron from induction furnace into crucible for filling sand molds

Students show expo work

The 13th annual expo, held for the first time on the third floor of the J. Robert Vane Pelt and Opie Library, featured projects from Tech senior design (generally five senior-level students from one degree program) and enterprise (essentially cross-disciplinary student-run businesses), as well as three high school enterprise teams (including Dollar Bay High School’s Student Organization of Aquatic Robotics).

Read more at the Mining Gazette, by Stephen Anderson.

Undergraduate Student Expo showcases talent

On April 12, Michigan Technological University hosted the 13th Annual Undergraduate University Expo. In the ballroom of the Memorial Union Building, undergraduate students displayed exhibits from their Enterprise teams and senior design projects.

Senior Design winners included the Bioabsorbable Polymer-Coated Metal Stent Degradation Simulation Design team, the Economic Recovery of Alloying Elements from Grinding Swarf Design team and the Portage Health Noise Monitoring Device Design team.

Read more at the Michigan Tech Lode, by Nicole Iutzi.

2012 Undergraduate Expo Winners

ExpoUndergraduate Expo 2012

Expo Awards

Senior Design Awards to MSE Projects

Taking first place was Bioabsorbable Polymer-Coated Metal Stent Degradation Simulation Design. The students devised a better way to check for the degrading of stents, which are inserted into arteries, both in vitro (in the lab) and in vivo (in the living subject). Team members were Kristina Price, Brendan Daun, Thomas Faulkner, Erin Larson, Derek Yesmunt and David Strobel (Biomedical Engineering); and Kelsey Waugh and Matt Gardeski (MSE). The team was sponsored by Boston Scientific and advised by Associate Professor Jeremy Goldman (Biomedical Engineering) and Associate Professor Jaroslaw Drelich (MSE).

Second place went to the Economic Recovery of Alloying Elements from Grinding Swarf. The students speculated that they could help metal-grinding operations reclaim cobalt and nickel, in addition to other metals, from the waste or “swarf.” It could produce as much as $1.75 million in a year. The team consisted of Alicia Steele (MSE/ME); and Daniel Hein, Michael Wyzlic and Nicholas Kraft (MSE). They worked with the Casting Services Group of ThyssenKrupp. Jaroslaw Drelich was their advisor, too.

MSE Entries in Expo 2012

Expo2012 Undergraduate Expo Entries

Title and Representative

Economic Recovery of Alloying Elements from Grinding Swarf
Alicia Steele

Reduce Distortion in Ferritic Nitrocarburizing of Gray Iron
Carol Deming

Fatigue in Stainless Steel Components Produced by Powder Metallurgy & Hot Isostatic Pressing
Samantha Leonard

EZAC Creep Testing Team
Deane Kyle

Effects of Mn and Sn on Ductile Iron
Dale Goodloe

Residual Stress of Gray Iron Brake Rotors
Carol Dem

Waupaca FNC Case Depth
Ashwin, Vekaria


Advanced Metalworks Enterprise
Zac Dvorak