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Patrick Bowen Recommended for DeVlieg Fellowship

MSE graduate student Patrick Bowen has received an approval recommendation by the Michigan Tech Graduate School on his application for the DeVlieg Foundation Fellowship. The recommendation was based on Bowen’s research, publication record, and contribution to the mission of Michigan Tech. Bowen will receive support in the form of stipend plus one-credit of tuition for summer 2012.

MSE Students Participated in Research Colloquium

The Graduate Student Government held its annual Research Colloquium in early February.

MSE graduate student Tianle Cheng was recognized as outstanding graduate student scholar for her research, publications, presentations, academics, and collaboration with other students. She was nominated by Associate Professor Yu Wang.

Two MSE teams gave oral presentations:

Andrew Baker and Professor Stephen Kampe: “Effect of Melt-Spinning Parameters on the Formation of MnAl6 Quasicrystals.”

Ananyo Bandyopadhyay and Associate Professor Gregory Odegard: “Molecular Modeling of Epoxy Polymers.”

Two MSE teams presented posters:

Andrew Baker and Stephen Kampe: “Effect of Melt-Spinning Parameters on the Formation of MnAl6 Quasicrystals,” which earned second place.

Chungja Yang, Chun-Jen Wu, Agnes Ostafin, and Associate Professor Adrienne Minerick: “Dielectrophoretic Response of Polystyrene Particles and Perfluorocarbon oil-core, Chitosan/Poly-L-lysine shell Nanoparticles.”

Here is a link to abstracts:

Here is a link to the GSG Research Colloquium: