Day: May 16, 2022

Mason Petersen Named MMET Department Scholar

Congratulations to MMET student Mason Petersen!

The Department of Manufacturing and Mechanical Engineering Technology (MMET) is pleased to announce that Mason Petersen has been selected as the 2022 MMET Department Scholar.

“Mason is a Mechanical Engineering Technology student who just completed his third year at Michigan Tech. He enjoys working with his hands on automotive and industrial machine projects,” says John Irwin, MMET department chair. 

“Once Mason challenged himself by purchasing a fully deconstructed motorcycle to reassemble, and with the help of a service manual and internet forums, he completed the build. This allowed him to analyze the engineering design features behind the motorcycle’s engine as well as establish priceless problem-solving skills for use later in his career,” adds Irwin.

Last year, Petersen served as R&D intern at International Woodworking Technologies (IWT) where he led the design and creation of a prototype for a new particle board concept. He applied numerous skills learned in his MMET courses at Michigan Tech, such as stress analysis and designing for manufacturability. While at IWT, Petersen worked closely with local machine and fabrication shops to produce parts for the prototype. This experience built the foundation for his understanding of process flow in the manufacturing industry.

This past year, Petersen’s leadership qualities were on display as treasurer and assistant coach of the Michigan Tech Men’s Rugby Football Club. He applied accounting skills and managed the budget for expenses, such as field maintenance, traveling, and game fees. He also leaned heavily on his communication and teamwork skills, and helped teammates train. 

Petersen is also involved with the Advanced Metalworks Enterprise (AME) team, where he collaborates with peers and Enterprise team advisor, MMET Assistant Professor David Labyak, to implement industry 4.0 technology into the Michigan Tech foundry. This includes adopting modern methods for monitoring molten metals as well as monitoring the moisture of the sand used for casting molds.

This summer, Petersen is working as an intern at General Motors focusing on engineering design in GM’s Cranktrain, Fuel Delivery, and Lubrication department. “This experience in the corporate environment will further develop Mason’s engineering skills,” notes Irwin. 

After graduation, Petersen plans on pursuing a MS in Mechatronics, and aspires to establish a business that provides automation solutions to manufacturing and production companies.