Archives—February 2013

We Love Blizzards!

Not only do we love Blizzard T. Husky, but we love the “blizzard” weather!  Since there are no classes today and the boss is away, come to Mont Ripley early to play.  We are opening early, with the T-bar available starting at noon.  Dress warm and come to Mont Ripley to spend your afternoon and evening having fun.

Half season passes go on sale Friday Feb.8th

February has started with a bang, or should I say poof! snow conditions at Mont Ripley will be great! With the most natural snow in the Midwest and all of our man made snow, nobody could have better conditions.

Winter Carnival begins February 6th, with the torch light parade and fireworks on the 9th, SnoComp is also Saturday February 9th & we are up to 26 features in our terrain park.