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Rozsa Center 2013-14 Season

Rozsa CenterOver the years, the Rozsa Center has become known for the funny, dramatic or thoughtful performances, plays and musicals it puts on during its yearly season and the programming scheduled for its 2013-14 season will be no different.

“I’m always excited about all the seasons, but in particular I’m really excited about this coming season,” Rozsa Center Director Susanna Brent said. “We’re doing a lot of theater that’s close to my heart.”

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Christopher Trevino Receives Gilman Scholarship

Gilman ScholarshipFive Tech Students Win International Scholarships

Four Michigan Tech undergraduates applied for Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarships this year, and all four received the competitive awards.

Sound design major Christopher Trevino received a Gilman Scholarship for international study.

The Gilman Scholarship program aims to diversify the kinds of students who study abroad by supporting undergraduates who otherwise might not participate in international study due to financial constraints. The grants to Michigan Tech students total $18,000.

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Get involved with Loudspeaker Design and Construction

Students in class and in individual study build and design loudspeakers, including home speakers, studio monitors, and sound reinforcement speakers. This process covers the basics of driver integration, cabinet tuning and coloration, voicing, directivity, SPL capability, bass extension, distortion and transient accuracy. Students have worked on the monitors in use in our studio, sound lab, and black box theatre as well as building loudspeakers for their home studios. Contact Christopher Plummer to get involved.