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2017 Beta Gamma Sigma Induction Ceremony


On Tuesday, April 4, 2017, the Michigan Technological University chapter of Beta Gamma Sigma inducted 17 new members.  Beta Gamma Sigma is an international honor society that recognizes the top 10% of undergraduates and the top 20% of master students.  Michigan Technological University’s Chapter Advisor is Senior Lecturer, Sheila Milligan. This year’s inductees are as follows:


Leslie Ditlow, Kalli Hooper, Kelsie Nummilien, Nyomie Olson, Anne Raisanen, Brenna Thompson


Tanner Flatt, Devin Kero, Emma LaFleur, Kayleigh Lake, Jackson Pundt


Jannah Brandt, Tessa Haapapuro, James Schmidt, Nicholas Steffey, Dong Xia

Each year, SBE faculty who are a part of  Beta Gamma Sigma choose an additional faculty member to induct into the society. This year, Professor of Practice, Russ Louks was inducted.

Beta Gamma Sigma Faculty Members

Dr. Mari Buche, Dr. Sonia Goltz, Dr. Dana Johnson, Dr. Dean Johnson, Mr. Bryan Lagalo, Ms. Sheila Milligan, Dr. Junhong Min, Dr. Paul Nelson, Dr. Emanuel Oliviera, Dr. Howard Qi, Mr. Joel Tuoriniemi, and Dr. Jeffrey Wall

Beta Gamma Sigma Induction Ceremony

On Monday, April 18th fifteen students and one faculty member were inducted into  Michigan Technological University’s chapter of Beta Gamma Sigma.  The ceremony was lead by Chapter Advisor and faculty, Sheila Milligan.  Beta Gamma Sigma was founded in 1913 as the first national honor society in business, and was a merger of three separate societies established to honor academic achievement in business at the University of Wisconsin, the University of Illinois, and the University of California.  Today Beta Gamma Sigma is an international honor society that provides the highest recognition a business student anywhere in the world can receive in an undergraduate or graduate program at a school accredited by AACSB International.

New Inductees include: Rachel Chard, XiaXiao Chen, Sarah Clements, Jing Feng, Kelli Guy, Jena Hale, Kaitlyn Ietala, William Hrabinsky, Nicholas Kean, Ryan Lindstrom, Jessica Muonio, Stephanie Oja, Amanda Rantala, Gina Roose, Brady Tervo.  The faculty inductee this year is Dr. Junhong Min.


Networking Equals Career Fair Success for 2011 Woman of Promise

Caitlin Pionke networks to receive job offer at DOW Chemical in Midland, Mich.

Caitlin Pionke jokingly refers to herself as a “business management major who got a job in the IT department at a chemical company.”

Pionke was named the 2011 Woman of Promise for Michigan Tech’s School of Business and Economics and has taken full advantage of the honor.  She is a senior in Management and an active student across campus belonging to Beta Gamma Sigma International Honor Society and the International Business Ventures Enterprise among other commitments.  For her, being selected as the Woman of Promise by the School of Business and Economics, opened up possibilities for networking with the Presidential Council of Alumnae (PCA) and landed her a job at DOW Chemical.

Immediately upon receiving the award this spring, Pionke began attending PCA events and developing relationships. The time she spent networking allowed her to identify helpful people who would best assist her in finding employment. Almost immediately Caitlin noticed how important networking was to her job search. She made contacts with DOW Chemical prior to the Michigan Tech Fall Career Fair and was then able to secure follow up interviews—both on campus and on site in Midland.

When thinking about her job hunt, Pionke recalls, “It was a great feeling walking up to the DOW Chemical booth at the Career Fair and having the recruiter already know me. Not only did they know my name but they had also already reviewed my resume which had been sent directly to them by my contacts in the company.”

Networking undoubtedly played a large role in her success at the Career Fair.  Pionke noted that for her it wasn’t just the day of the Career Fair that was important, but rather Career Fair month.  Prior to the event she sent out resumes to targeted companies and followed up with thank-yous after the fair.  Even though DOW Chemical did not list that they were looking for Business Management majors, Pionke’s networking had allowed her to stand apart from the crowd and prove herself worthy of an interview.

Pionke will begin her new job at DOW Chemical in Midland, MI as an Information Systems Analyst on June 18th.  Our School is happy to report that she is living up to her name as the 2011 Woman of Promise.

2011 School of Business and Economics Honors Banquet

The School of Business and Economics recently celebrated the end of another academic year with an honors banquet to recognize leaders and high-achievers. The event also hosted guest speaker President and CEO of Quincy Hill Advisors George Butvilas. A second congratulations goes out to all award and scholarship recipients. The complete list of honorees and photos from the event are below.

Students inducted into the Beta Gamma Sigma National Honor Society included: Meng Dai, Yingqi Gu, Tao Guo, Thomas Harri, Kali Jeter, Wei He, Stephanie Kantola, Carissa Miller, Caitlin Pionke, Wade Thelen, and faculty member Anne Warrington.

Rebekka Mikkola received the Beta Gamma Sigma National Scholarship.

Teddy Broe and Bryan Endres received the Richard C. Chandler Memorial Scholarship and the McNair Parker Endowed Scholarship awarded to undergraduate students majoring in economics.

Stephanie Behrens, Daniel Eskola, and Amanda Gimler received the Dewaine Olson Book Scholarship awarded to undergraduates majoring in finance or accounting.

Jane Lahti received the Dean Clyde T Hardwick Memorial Scholarship awarded to a junior majoring in business management.

Dawn Stronski received the Dorothy M. Johnson Memorial Accounting Scholarship, presented by Assistant Professor Joel Tuoriniemi.

Theresa Laubrick received the Michigan Association of CPA Scholarship presented by Senior Lecturer Anne Warrington. This scholarship is awarded to students who intend to sit for the Michigan CPA examination and practice public accounting.

Jeni Hammstrom received the Eino Reini Memorial Endowed Scholarship for an undergraduate student focused in accounting.

Michael Schott received the Kelly Ann Long Memorial Scholarship for a student who has demonstrated high academic achievement within the School.

Stephanie Behrens, Gregory Olson, Caitlin Pionke, Michael Schott, and Jacob Vehring all received the Ross Roeder Endowed Scholarship for students with demonstrated leadership and entrepreneurial skills.

Bret Kilpela received the Donald W. Seaton Memorial Scholarship prestented by Tim Seaton to a student demonstrating exceptional capabilities and leadership.

Timothy Fox and Megan Plis received the Marvin L. Isles Scholarship awarded to undergraduate students in our School.

Britney Estola and Kathryn Danielson recived the A. Marshall and Janis R. Forsberg Scholarship given to students focusing in industrial marketing and management.

Nicole Cholette and Jacob Vehring received the James and Dolores Trethewey Scholarship awarded to students who previously attended Luther L. Wright High School or Gogebic Community College.

Kathryn Danielson received the Joyce and Richard Ten Haken Scholarship that is awarded to freshmen who have demonstrated high academic achievement.

Jacob Carlson and Leanna VanSlooten received the Upper Peninsula Power Company Scholarship that recognizes students who were born in the Upper Peninsula.

Jonathan LaPlant and Rachael Zerbst received the Wells Fargo Bank Scholarship, presented by Ellie Freeman, that recognizes students who are residents in the local area.

Bret Kilpela and Rachael Zerbst received the Citizens Bank Scholarship, presented by Julie Jennerjohn, that recognizes students in the local area.

Caleb Maki received the Superior National Bank Scholarship which recognizes individuals from the local area.

Kathryn Wysocki was announced as the 2010 School of Business and Economics’ Woman of Promise. This honor recognizes a current female student who went above and beyond what was expected of them in terms of being a well-rounded student – one who has demonstrated academic achievement, campus and community leadership, good citizenship, and creativity.

Danielle Linna received the 2010 Departmental Scholar award recognizing a senior who has displayed excellent academic standards, levels of intellectual curiosity, creativity, and communication skills.

Gregory Olson was awarded the Tidwell Outstanding Man in Business and Rebekka Mikkola received the Tidwell Outstanding Women in Business awards. The award is intended to recognize and celebrate two students who have brought honor and pride to the School.

Beta Gamma Sigma Student Leadership Forum

School of Business and Economics Beta Gamma Sigma student representative, Asel Otunchieva, recently traveled to a Student Leadership Forum in Missouri. Read about her experiences below.

Beta Gamma Sigma Leadership Forum was held this year in Saint Louis, Missouri. There were about 80 BGS students present from universities from all over US and some other countries. The forum lasted for three days, and it was a wonderful and a very useful experience.

There were many speakers, ranging from the representative of GMAT test who provided general information about the test and gave us some useful tips on how to get a better score, to inspirational speeches describing some amazing life experiences, to a self assessment presentation which helped us find out more about ourselves in relation to others, about our goals, personality types, and ways we can use this information to help us succeed.

One of the things that BGS students brought to attention during the forum was the fact that BGS Honor Society does not have a strong visual presence in the universities and that the students do not know much about it. The student acceptance rate is not very high, primarily due to lack of information about the Honor society. Therefore, it would be nice if BGS and faculty representatives from all the universities made it their goal to educate people about the purpose and benefits of Beta Gamma Sigma Honor Society.

Overall, the forum was an amazing experience, and I am very glad to have been a part of it. I would like to thank Beta Gamma Sigma for organizing this wonderful event, professor Mari Buche for encouraging me to be a part of BGS Honor Society and informing me about the forum opportunity, professor Sheila Milligan for always believing in my abilities, and Michigan Technological University for providing a great education and many leadership opportunities like this one.