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Business Insider: Overachieving Tech Is Most Underrated College in Michigan

Business Insider Chooses the Most Underrated College in Every State

Michigan Tech has earned itself another title: The Most Underrated College in Michigan.  In a national review, Business Insider recently chose the 50 most underrated colleges in the United States.  They toted Michigan Tech as the champ for Michigan, stating of the winners:

Oftentimes, these schools’ strong academic programs are overshadowed by the popular perception that a college is better if it’s tough to get into.  These colleges challenge that myth, and are smart – and potentially safe – options for student applicants.

Several factors helped decide which schools made the top of the list for each state, including academic rankings, in-state population, and acceptance rates.

It’s true: we have an acceptance rate close to 75%.  Also true: on average, our incoming students have a 3.66 GPA on a 4.0 scale, and an ACT composite score of 26.7.  Our students are crazy smart, and we were recently recognized as #11 in the nation for public schools with the smartest students.

Are you a Tech alum, current student, or future student?  Let me know in the comments below what your most favorite underrated thing is about Michigan Tech!  Mine’s the starting salary of graduates from the School of Business and Economics: they make $53,000 on average!

For the full list of the 50 most underrated institutions nationwide, check out the picture below.

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Tech Students Among Smartest in Nation

We already know that our students are among the best in the world; but now it’s official!

Courtesy of MAXQDA

Business Insider recently recognized Michigan Technological University as being one of 20 public institutions in the nation with the smartest students, specifically lucky #11!  “The 20 Public Colleges with the Smartest Students” combined data received from Niche and College Prowler in the fields of academics, computers, parking, weather, and much more.

Michigan Tech's J. Robert Van Pelt and John and Ruanne Opie Library features open-plan study areas, incredible views of campus, and wireless lounges.

Here’s what current students have said about Michigan Tech (posted on Niche):

“I am quite comfortable knowing I will get a great job when I graduate from this school.”

“There are many intern and job opportunities.  They have a very high placement rate, and I’m pretty sure the Career Fairs they have twice a year is one of the biggest for all North American colleges.”

“All of the classes I’ve taken so far have been well-designed and extremely thorough… I’ve never failed to learn something.  Professors are almost always available for questions, and the learning centers are excellent.”

John Lehman, Associate Vice President of Enrollment, Marketing, and Communications at Michigan Tech states, “We see all that our students accomplish here at Michigan Tech and all the companies seeking them out for employment.  It doesn’t take long to see that there is something pretty special about the students here.  They are smart, amazingly smart.  It’s satisfying to know that others see that as well.”

Did YOU graduate from Michigan Tech?
Are YOU a current student?
Are YOU planning on attending Michigan Tech one day?
Let me know in the comments why you think our students are Crazy Smart!

Business Insider Gives Tech High Marks for Graduate Earning Potential

Potential earnings are part of the value of a university education.

More than ever, students choosing where to go to school review the future earning potential of a university’s graduates. But the well-known US News & World Report ranking of colleges and universities doesn’t give that factor much weight. They should, says Business Insider, a business website that analyzes financial, media, technology and other industries. So Business Insider combined the US News & World Report rankings of best universities and the Payscale.com college salary report to develop rankings that reflect both reputation and the salaries earned by graduates.

Analyzing several hundred universities and colleges, Business Insider developed two lists of colleges and universities: “underrated” and “overrated.” The website termed schools with a lower US News college ranking and higher Payscale.com salary ranking “underrated.” These are schools whose graduates rank high on salaries earned but aren’t given due credit in the US News ranking.

Michigan Tech made Business Insider’s list of the top 25 “underrated” schools, coming in at 22.

Business Insider termed schools with a high US News ranking and low salary ranking as “overrated.” These are schools that show up very well in the Best Colleges ranking, but their graduates earn lower salaries than might be expected from their US News ranking.

“We found that most of the underrated schools were engineering and technology schools with relatively low US News rankings but outstanding salary performance,” Business Insider notes on its web site.

For the full story, see Business Insider. This story was written by Jenn Donovan, Public Relations Director, for Michigan Tech’s University Marketing and Communications faculty and staff newletter, Tech Today.