Day: September 11, 2018

Info Session: Mining Innovation Enterprise – Interested in Space Mining, Robots?

To: Engineering Colleges, specifically Mechanical, Electrical, Computer Sciences, Geological, Civil, Chemical, etc.

Interested in Space Mining, Robots? Mining Innovation Enterprise is looking for students of all majors and years to join our team.

If you are interested there are a couple of ways that you can join and find more information!

  • We have weekly enterprise meetings on Tuesdays at 5pm in MEEM 1021 that you are more than welcome to come and sit in on.
  • We will have an info session including a presentation and pizza on Thursday, September 13th from 4-6 PM in MEEM1021

We are currently working on 2 projects for prototype systems to design, build, and test for future use on Mars by NASA and others

  • First is the rover (The MINER) a remotely controlled rover that will be able to carry designed attachments for field testing starting later this year.
  • Second is a gypsum rock mining and water extraction system to attach to the rover which is part of our NASA Early Stage Innovation Research grant to extract water from hard rock gypsum on Mars.
  • Depending on recruiting we can form a group to design and build a rover or rig to participate (and win) in one of two NASA lunar and mars excavation and water mining competitions which would include traveling to the sites to do the competition.

We have a need for skills and students interested in

  • structural and mechanical design, machining, building, testing, fieldwork, hands-on experience
  • electrical, power & control experience for the rover operation and remote control
  • sensors, data collection and processing
  • programming for the user interface and control of the rover and payload
  • processing, fluids, particle flows, thermal aspects and energy efficiency
  • system engineering, design process, optimization
  • team management, fundraising, website design

You will be working in small interdisciplinary teams to work on subsystems of the rover and payload and work as an enterprise to get the systems designed and operational. We are looking for students to join as soon as possible!

You can also contact our faculty advisor, Paul van Susante, directly at or directly in his office, MEEM 925.


Event: Five Under Thirty-Five


Five incredible Michigan Tech alumni, under the age of 35, who are following their dreams will visit campus to inspire and energize the student body. We invite deans, chairs, faculty, students and the community to join us at the Rozsa Center at 3 p.m. Wednesday, November 14 for a facilitated panel discussion.

Below are brief bios about our outstanding alumni speakers:

Amy Storer (’10 Social Science) is an Intelligence Analyst for Homeland Security Investigations in Savannah, Georgia and is a professor of American Government at Savannah State University and the College of Coastal Georgia. She earned two master’s degrees from Harvard University (’17) and Johns Hopkins (’12).

Ben Almquist (’04 Materials Science & Engineering) is an assistant professor in Bioengineering at Imperial College London. Ben leads a research group that straddles the interface between nanotechnology and biology. His research has led to recognition as a 2017 Emerging Investigator by the journal Biomaterials Science, along with invited talks around the world at conferences such as the World Economic Forum.

Kevin Moran (‘10 Mechanical Engineering) manages manufacturing operations and is the lead mechanical designer at H3D gamma, a new company working to revolutionize the way we identify and localize gamma-ray sources. Prior to his current position, he worked for Manoj Bhargava, the founder of 5 hour energy, and scaled Mt. Denali during its worst summit in 30 years.

Sarah Carlson (‘03 Chemistry) is an assistant professor of surgery at Boston University and a vascular surgeon at the Boston VA Medical Center. She has a passion for complex aortic aneurysm repair and mentoring young surgeons in training.  

David Vennie (‘05 Electrical Engineering) is a partner in Worldwide Power Products (WPP) in Houston, Texas,  a top provider of power-generation solutions to clients around the world. He has worked at WPP for eight years and is the Vice President of Sales and Engineering.