Event: AGC – Student Contractor Awareness Night (Nov. 1st)

It is time to sign up for AGC SCAN!

SCAN stands for Student Contractor Awareness Night. This years event will be held in Marquette on November 1st. We will leave at noon and visit three job sites in the Marquette area and then have dinner with some contractors from around the region. We will leave at noon and return at 10:30 PM.

To sign up, go to the student organization page and sign up as a member of Husky Construction and Design and then contact me, Lynn Artman, to sign up for the event. If you do not sign up as a member of Husky Construction, the trip will cost $20. This is a great event and I would encourage everyone to attend if at all possible.

If you have any questions, please contact me.

Lynn Artman (laartman@mtu.edu)