Day: September 10, 2020

Job Posting – Gordie Howe International Bridge Project

My name is Ankur Singh and I am Design Build Coordinator and Project Engineer for the New Gordie Howe International Bridge Project in Detroit, MI. I am an experienced bridge builder and I have worked on Tapanzee Bridge (Stay Cable)  and San Francisco Oakland Bay Bridge (Self-Anchored Suspension Bridge) previously. The joint venture is called Birding North America and I represent Fluor Enterprises, which is one of the partner companies of the joint venture.

We are hiring full time field engineer for the stay cable bridge and would like to reach out to the local schools to see if any of your students are looking a new exciting opportunity where they would like to work on and learn how build bridges. I would be highly obliged if you can pass the information to your students and they can contact me directly if they are interested. The needs are immediate.

Following is a brief description of what we are looking:

  • Ability to learn and grasp new concepts.
  • Civil Engineering Degree (Structural Engineering Emphasis) or Construction Engineering Degree.
  • Ability to communicate effectively with audiences that include but are not limited to management, coworkers, clients, vendors, contractors, and visitors
  • Ability to attend to detail and work in a time-conscious and time-effective manner           
  • AutoCAD familiarity and able to use it.

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to me.


Ankur Singh, P.E.,Lead Engineer – US BridgeBNA Constructors USA JV
asingh@bnausjv.comM: 949.395.9519 |O: 313.771-7959