Info Session: Blue Marble Security (Jan 28)

It’s not too late to join Blue Marble for the Spring 2021 Semester!

Blue Marble Security Enterprise is holding a second info session this Thursday, January 28th at 7:00 pm. All majors are welcome, including but not limited to: Electrical, Mechanical, Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Environmental Engineering, and Business majors. Come and learn about Blue Marble Security and what we have to offer, hear about our ongoing projects, and see if one piques your interest!

Project Spotlight:
We have a brand new alternative energy project, dubbed the UP Community Energy project!  This project intends to take a look at utilizing Alternative Energy as an industry for potential long term investment and revenue source for the communities of the Upper Peninsula. 

The goals of this project are to determine:

  • Appropriate application of various forms of renewable energy
  • Integration of energy verticals to balance seasonality
  • Economics behind feasibility of adoption of these technologies

Majors are very flexible: Everyone has something to offer.  

If you’re interested in this project or in simply learning about Blue Marble Security, join us using the Zoom link below!
Zoom Link:

Click this link to join the BMS Discord server! Connect with current members including Management, ask questions about the enterprise, and receive important announcements!

If you want to check out the current projects and past projects Blue Marble Security Enterprise has had, please check out the website Blue Marble Security Website
If you can’t make it to this info session, but have any questions or are interested in joining Blue Marble Security Enterprise, feel free to email me at

We hope to see you there!
Alexandra (Alex) Patterson | Michigan Technological University | Electrical Engineering | Blue Marble Security | Vice President of Communications | XALT Energy | Embedded Software Engineering Intern