Scholarship: Environmental Engineering and Science Foundation Scholarships

The Environmental Engineering and Science Foundation (EESF) has as its Mission “to secure and direct resources to advance environmental engineering and science in the areas of research, education and practice”. Towards that end, the Board of EESF has created six annual scholarships for Environmental Engineering and Environmental Science students at the undergraduate and Master’s levels.

A $2,500 scholarship is being offered in each of the following categories:

  • Undergraduate Environmental Engineering*
  • Undergraduate Environmental Science*
  • Master’s level Environmental Engineering
  • Master’s level Environmental Science
  • Master’s level Environmental Engineering for Under-Represented Minority (URM) Students
  • Master’s level Environmental Science for Under-Represented Minority (URM) Students

*The two undergraduate scholarships will target students transferring from Community Colleges.

For eligibility requirements and application forms, refer to the links below:

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