Day: February 12, 2021

Scholarship: MTU CEE Pipeline Partner Scholarship

The CEE Pipeline Partner Scholarship program is an opportunity for students to connect to grow their civil and construction industry networks while receiving an up-to-five-year, recurring scholarship. The scholarship is thanks to partnerships from a growing list of civil and construction industry firms, including Jay Dee Contractors, Rowe Professional Services, Great Lakes Engineering Group, JL Kloote, Dan’s Excavating, AJAX, Fieldstone Architecture and Engineers, and Anlaan Corporation.

To be eligible, students must major and make progress in civil engineering, geospatial engineering, or construction management, while maintaining a 2.5 GPA. As part of the program, students will be connected to civil and construction industry representatives.

Students receiving the scholarship will be required to post their resume for review by the Pipeline Partners, post a video about themselves and their interests, and write a thank you to the Pipeline Portal Partners.

Students will receive the support from the Pipeline Portal Partners such as preparation for preparing for interviews, connections and mentors in the civil and construction industry, and ultimately cultivating internship and full-time employment opportunities through the partnerships.

Deadline for submission: Preference will be given to recipients apply by March 10th. However, scholarships will be awarded until all resources have been exhausted.

Apply here:

Study Abroad: USAC academic lecture series

Academic Lecture Series 
USAC has launched a monthly Academic Lecture Series for the spring semester to highlight the incredible faculty USAC has teaching around the world at USAC Specialty Program sites.  The lectures are free to attend and will be recorded for those who are unable to attend live.  

Below is a flyer for the upcoming lectures.

Spring 2021 Academic Lecture Calendar 

Date & Time  Lecture Topic  USAC Program 
Weds., Feb. 24 
12 pm CST 
The Pragmatic Use of Gestures in Italian: How to Survive in Italy Using Your Hands  Viterbo, Italy Click here for details & to register 
Weds., March 24 
12 pm CDT 
Uruguayan & Argentinian Cultural Historical Highlights   Montevideo, Uruguay Click here for details & to register 
Weds, April 28 
10 am CDT 
Sustainable Development in China   Shanghai, China Click here for details & to register 
Weds, May 26 
11 am CDT 
The Power of Truth and Non-Violence: Gandhi, Past and Present   Bengaluru, India Click here for details & to register