A Request from the Sustainability Orgs

Climate Reality Campus Corps has organized a team of students with representatives from each sustainability student organization on campus, and we are developing A Student Vision for Environmental Stewardship and Climate Action: a student-generated vision of what a greener, cleaner future for our campus could look like. Our goal is to demonstrate to the MTU administration that students care about sustainability and highlight the steps we believe are vital to achieving an environmentally sustainable campus. As part of this process, we want to gain input from as much of the student body as possible. We’ve listed some categories of campus operations in the form with space for you to lend your thoughts in as many areas as you’re able. Thank you for your insight!

We want your feedback! We are welcoming you to fill out the short form HERE or the long form HERE depending on how much information you want to share with us! Also, share this form with anyone and everyone who would want to see Michigan Tech get more sustainable!

We appreciate your feedback!

The SVESCA Committee

Kendra Lachcik, Lexi Steve, Elizabeth Schumann, Lauren Auge, Joe Dlugos, Shaelyn Koleber, Abbey Herndon, Anastasia Motta, Elise Rosky, Leena Rawashdeh, Anna Browne
Sincerely, Anastasia Quinn MottaCampus Corps Event Chair 2020-21