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New Research Center for Process Analysis and Diagnostics

The Chemical Engineering Department has long taken pride in training our undergraduate students to analyze chemical plants and processes in innovative ways. Our courses emphasize energy management, control strategies, and engineering design practices that lead to more efficient, safer, and more profitable processes. The term “process diagnostics” has been coined at MTU to encompass the critical thinking skills that lead to process improvements.

‘Women in Engineering’ Students Learn about the Chemical Engineering Program

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Summer Youth Programs Win Award
Summer Youth Celebrates 35 Years
More about Women in Engineering

High School students visiting Michigan Tech for the Women in Engineering Summer program learned about the university’s academic programs. In addition to the academic programs, WIE participants were given an introduction to Michigan Tech’s Chemical Engineering program.

Youth Program Celebrates 35 Years

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Summer Youth Programs

Youth Programs celebrated 35 years of introducing youth to science, engineering, technology and Michigan Tech with an ice cream social.

President Glenn Mroz praised the Youth Programs staff and alumni who have developed the Youth Programs over the past 35 years and seen it grow from 60 summer youth program students to several hundred a year.

Youth Programs organizes Summer Youth Explorations, Women in Engineering, Explorations in Engineering, American Indian Workshop and Women in Computer Science.

The event was held to celebrate the years of excellence in precollege programming and recognize the impact Summer Youth Programs has had on over 35,000 students.