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MSGC Awards Announced

Faculty and students have received awards totaling $72,500 through the Michigan Space Grant Consortium (MSGC), sponsored by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). Michigan Tech submitted 30 proposals, 16 of which received funding.

Undergraduates receiving $2,500 research fellowships are:
Brandi Lundquist (ChE): “Formaldehyde-Free Living Environment by Biodegradable Chitosan”

Graduate student Alicia Sawdon and undergraduate Brandi Lundquist were awarded Michigan Space Grant Consortium (MSGC) ( research fellowship of $5,000 and $2,500, respectively.

New Interdisciplinary Minor in Hydrogen Technology

Beginning in the fall semester of the 2009-2010 academic year, Michigan Technological University will offer an Interdisciplinary Minor in Hydrogen Technology.

The minor is based upon elements of a Department of Energy award to Michigan Technological University titled “Hydrogen Education Curriculum Path at Michigan Technological University,” with principal investigator Jason Keith, an Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering. A student can complete the minor requirements by participation in hydrogen design projects through the Alternative Fuels Group Enterprise, taking a fuel cell course, taking a hydrogen course, and additional elective courses (which are often part of a student’s undergraduate degree).

Chemical Engineering Awards Convocation 2009

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The Department of Chemical Engineering held its 2008-2009 Awards Convocation April 8 in the lobby of the Memorial Union Ballroom. The Convocation is held each year to honor the graduating seniors, as well as to recognize the support of our industrial partners, alumni and friends who contribute to the success of the department.

The Convocation M.C.s were Dr. Tony Rogers and Dr. Faith Morrison, and the featured speaker was Ms. Susan Lewis Global Manufacturing Director, Dow AgroSciences Division. Other highlights of the 2009 event included undergraduate student awards.

Minors for Chemical Engineers…AND OTHERS!

Written by Dr. Faith Morrison, Associate Professor Chemical Engineering

Getting a minor in an academic subject is very common at universities and at Tech, but up until recently, there were no minors associated with MTU’s Department of Chemical Engineering. This is no longer the case since Tech ChemE inaugurated three minors in Fall 2004 in Polymer Science and Engineering, Minerals Processing, and Bioprocess Engineering. There are currently 17 stu-dents registered for the PSE minor, 25 for the Minerals minor, and 10 are signed up for the Bioprocess minor.

New Research Center for Process Analysis and Diagnostics

The Chemical Engineering Department has long taken pride in training our undergraduate students to analyze chemical plants and processes in innovative ways. Our courses emphasize energy management, control strategies, and engineering design practices that lead to more efficient, safer, and more profitable processes. The term “process diagnostics” has been coined at MTU to encompass the critical thinking skills that lead to process improvements.

‘Women in Engineering’ Students Learn about the Chemical Engineering Program

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Summer Youth Programs Win Award
Summer Youth Celebrates 35 Years
More about Women in Engineering

High School students visiting Michigan Tech for the Women in Engineering Summer program learned about the university’s academic programs. In addition to the academic programs, WIE participants were given an introduction to Michigan Tech’s Chemical Engineering program.