MTU RedTeam Members Capture First Place at GrrCON 2022

GrrCON 2022 was a great success for the MTU RedTeam!

Two black badges were awarded to RedTeam members for placing first in the OSINT CTF. The first-place team members were Josh Stiebel (Computer Engineering), Ryan Klemm (CS), and Sophia Kraus (Electrical Engineering). The three students jumped into first place on the leaderboard in the final six minutes of the competition, submitting three flags. The RedTeam’s OSINT CTF scoreboard can be found here.

The OSINT CTF is a capture-the-flag contest centered around open-source intelligence. Its purpose is to educate people, in a fun way, about how much personal information exists on the Internet. The competition was sponsored by CG Silvers Consulting. View the OSINT CTF contest rules here.

In the Lockpicking Village challenges, RedTeam members Devon Midkiff (Cybersecurity) and Gina Adragna (Cybersecurity) placed first and second, respectively.

The 2022 GrrCON Cyber Security Summit and Hacker Conference, took place September 28-29 in Grand Rapids, Mich. A total of 53 teams competed in the events, attempting to find a variety of personal information through online open-source resources.

GrrCON is an information security and hacking conference put together to provide the community with a venue to come together and share ideas, information, and solutions, forge relationships, and engage with like-minded people in a fun atmosphere.

Pictured below:

  • The three OSINT-CTF winners (L to R) Josh Steibel, Bryan Klemm, Sophia Kraus
  • RedTeam members competing at GrrCON
  • The RedTeam members who attended GrrCON 2022 (L to R): Adam Fulton (NCSA), Peter LaMantia (Software Eng), Ryan Klemm (CS), Josh Stiebel (Computer Eng), Sophia Kraus (Electrical Eng), Hunter Indermuehle (Electrical Eng), Ryan Jaklic (Cybersecurity), Gina Adrangna (Cybersecurity), and Devon Midkiff (Cybersecurity).